RME 2017

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Main Lectures

Karen Mattick - What makes for excellence in medical education?

RK McKinley - What makes a good collaborator?

Lecturer Interviews

Karen Mattick Interview

RK McKinley

Vox Pops

Arpan Tahim

Dr Esther Murray

Aidan Fitzgerald

Eliot Rees

Abiya Ahmed

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Statement from our Chair regarding Covid-19
and ASME events

Desperate times call for desperate measures and so it was with great sadness that the Board of Directors made the decision to postpone our ASM planned for July 2020 in Liverpool and several other events/meetings. Our next ASM will now take place in 2021, details of date and venue will follow.

We envisaged that large gatherings of people would be unsafe and of course wanted to do our bit to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. Many of our membership will be increasing their clinical duties and for those involved in transferring curricula online life has been very hectic. We want to support our members, healthcare professionals and educators who are providing front-line NHS services and training students to do so. 

A big thank you to all our ASME members who are involved on the frontline as key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic - we appreciate all you do and hope that you stay safe.