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The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Special Interest Group was formed in May 2012 to provide a forum for sharing best practice and fostering collaboration. It is aimed at medical educators who use TEL in their teaching, TEL specialists who develop and shape TEL practice within their organisations or at a national level and researchers of TEL.


Aims of TEL:

The TEL group aims to share knowledge and disseminate best practice.  In particular the group has identified the need to develop a robust evidence base to support and inform the use of TEL, and to identify the impact.

To date members have identified the following themes and interests:

  • Implementation of TEL and toolkits of best practice
  • Mobile technology
  • Staff development
  • New pedagogies afforded by TEL
  • Research and evaluation to build an evidence base
  • Online assessment and feedback
  • Virtual patients and simulation

We plan to take these forward by collaborating with others and holding events and meetings.  Partners include:

  • HEA medical and health professional cluster
  • ASPiH
  • Other ASME SIGs

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TEL Events

Dark Side of Technology Enhanced Learning in Medical Education conference

160 delegates attended the inaugural Dark Side of TEL conference hosted by Newcastle University on 22 Sep 2017. The aim was to bring together a community of TEL enthusiasts to engage in discourse around areas of concern, confess their ‘failed’ initiatives and hear from leading experts.

We had 3 keynote speakers who covered a broad range – challenging conceptions of the virtual campus, surveillance, the politics of open access and the opportunities and threats posed by big data and machine learning. On the day there were some strategically chosen technical hiccups which gave a sense of immediacy to the discussion!

Accepted abstracts with ‘practice points’ were presented in six parallel sessions and prizes were awarded in four categories. Throughout the day, delegates were encouraged to confess their TEL sins, either online or in person.  The themes emerging from this exercise will be disseminated in due course.
We were delighted by the interest generated by this idea and by the ‘buzz’ on the day. The topic drew interest from a range of educators both within and outside medicine, but also social scientists, technologists and tech entrepreneurs. For a flavour of the day please take a look at the Twitter site @DarkSideofTEL  following the hashtag #thedarksideofTEL2017.  Those unable to attend can still join the debate,  here

We very much hope this becomes the first of a series, with a ‘DarkSide of X in Medical Education’ running annually., and we would welcome suggestions from ASME members for future topics.

Team Darkside:
Laura Delgaty, James Fisher, Richard Thomson and Jo Matthan


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