The Team

Directors & Office Bearers

Tamar Thompson

Non-Executive Director

Kim Walker

Director of Publications

Michael Page

Director of Awards

RK (Bob) McKinley

Director of Career Groups

Kevin Brandom

Director of Membership

Megan Brown

Director of SoMe and Communications

Gabrielle Finn

Director of Events

Jeeves Wijesuriya

Director of Networks

Narciss Okhravi


Sandra Nicholson


Karen Mattick


Sarah Edwards

Honorary Secretary

Dan Darbyshire

Director from the Membership

Staff - Headquarters

Angie Sutherland

Awards & Mentoring Administrator

Lucy Wharton

Policy and Development Officer

Gillian Wells

Events and Conferences Co-ordinator

Yasmin McAinsh

Events & Conferences Assistant

Jenny Ogg

Operations Manager

Helen Steele

Operations Supervisor

Kath Phillipps

Finance and Membership

Sarah A Innes

HR Manager