Teaching Innovation & Excellence (TIE) Prize 2021

Closing Date: 26th March 2021

The prize recognises talent and ingenuity displayed by those embarking on a career in medical education. The prize will be primarily focused on recognising teaching, but consideration will be given to entries that showcase other relevant educational activity.

Candidates will self-nominate through the application process to demonstrate their teaching innovation and excellence. The application will consist of a structured written application form and may be supported by links to other appropriate media (e.g. websites, video or additional materials to help illustrate the innovation). Group applications will be considered, but the input of each individual within the group must be made explicitly clear and only one member of the group will be able to present for the prize if shortlisted.

Applicants may be asked to provide a named supporter (e.g. educational supervisor or mentor) to provide further supporting evidence after shortlisting.

Shortlisted entrants will then be invited to give a ten-minute presentation followed by five minutes of questions at the ASME online Annual Scholarship Meeting (ASM) 8th – 9th July 2021, to a panel of judges and an audience as part of the TIE Prize intra-conference session.


TASME ASM Communication Prize 2021

Closing Date: 26th March 2021

This prize celebrates creativity and skill in communicating medical education work. It recognises that many embarking on a career in medical education complete small, discrete, but still high-quality work, and that by communicating it with skill, early career educators can have maximum impact from their work. The submitted project can encompass any aspect of medical education, including educational research, teaching activity and innovation. The project can take the form of an e-Poster or short communication.

The TASME ASM Communication Prize evolved from the TASME Poster Prize, reflecting the evolving way in which medical education work is communicated.

The prize is selected from those who submit to the online ASME Annual Scholarship Meeting (ASM) 8th – 9th July 2021

The winner and runners up will be invited to share their work through one of ASME/TASME’s outlets throughout the year; either by participating in a twitter chat about their research or writing a short piece for the website or newsletter.


TASME Mentorship Prize 2021

Closing Date: 29th March 2021

This award will provide resources for an early career health professions educator to promote and develop mentorship for themselves and others. It recognises that TASME is not just for trainees, but for all early career health professions educators, be they allied health professionals, clinical scientists, or doctors not in training posts.

Candidates will self-nominate through the application process to demonstrate how they will use the resources to promote and develop mentorship. The scope of this is not limited and innovativeness is encouraged. As examples, the resources could be used to fund travel for meeting a personal mentor or improving the mentorship scheme at your place of work.

The TASME Mentorship Award is an individual award.

As well as the prize, the winner will be asked to write a short piece for the ASME newsletter explaining how they used the award. The winner will also be asked to share what they have learned with the TASME community. The medium by which this is done is flexible but should be described in the application.


Please visit our awards page for more information on these awards

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