On 15th May, the TASME community came together to celebrate TASME’s 10th Birthday, at the TASME 2021 Spring Conference, and what a celebration it was!
TASME’s first virtual conference was attended by almost 300 delegates and was a packed day, rich with discussions and ideas across a wide range of education topics; from educating Out of Hours, to Experienced Based Learning, Inclusivity in the Curriculum and how to make the most of Social Media in Medical education.
We heard from a panel of educators about their diverse journeys and destinations in medical education and their personal Top Tips. We were treated to three inspiring and thought-provoking keynote speakers; Dr Emma Vaux who enthused the audience to consider that they are Never too Busy to Learn, and gave practical tips to creating a working environment geared for learning. Professor Louise Dubras, who navigated the choppy waters of journeys in education, giving both fantastic education and nautical advice, but in both senses encouraged us to enjoy the journey we are on. Finally, we heard from Dr Eric Holmboe who discussed the methods and benefits of working with medical students and patients to develop an integrated professional relationship to co-produce desired outcomes to improve education.
The TASME conference provided a space for networking, and whilst the virtual space provides new challenges for this, we saw humbling interactions of Professors in Medical Education being inspired by Medical Students and Junior Doctors, which for us really affirmed what TASME aims to achieve within this collaborative community.

Workshops during the day were a great success and well attended. Of particular thanks to those who lead an invited workshop, especially to the ASME Special interest groups and Committees: MiME, ERC, EDC and to Prof Bob McKinley for his workshop on the ASME Mentorship programme. The light interludes of a mini-teach in creating a microwave mug cake and JASME’s social media challenges were enjoyed by our delegates and were a wonderful celebration of TASME’s 10th Birthday.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the conference, MedAll for their support in hosting the conference, and all those who helped in TASME in making the conference a success. We have the opportunity to watch catch-up content online, please email
tasme-conference@asme.org.uk for more information.


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