TASME 2021 conference was a massive success, and one worth of celebrating our 10-year birthday. We would like to thank everyone involved in the day and those who attended! We had some fantastic works submitted and we are highlighting here our prize winners!

Oral Presentation Winner – Cailbhe Doherty
Congratulations to Cailbhe for his fantastic presentation on “The LEARN Study: a prospective analysis of learner audience retention with multimedia instructional video lectures”. Not only was it a very topical talk for the increasing virtual presence of medical education, but also an extremely slick and well-designed talk.

Oral Presentation Runner Up – Anna Harvey
A huge well done to Anna who presented “What does success mean to medical students who identify as widening participation? An informal stakeholder scoping study and narrative review”. An excellently presented talk on a topic close to many of our hearts. We are very excited to hear more from Anna at the ASME ASM 2021!

Poster Prize Winner – Lewis Warnock and William Ballard
Congratulations to Lewis and William on their excellent poster on “The Rainbow Elephant in the Room: Is Medical Education Doing Enough?”. Our poster hall this year was filled with fantastic posters which made this decision excruciatingly difficult. However the well thought out narrative alongside great poster design made the work by our winners this year truly stand out from the crowd.

Highly Commended Posters
The quality of submitted work this year were excellent, and we want to highlight some more work we found to be exceptional and are highly commended.
• Katherine Aiken, Anna Sturgeon, Hannah Gillespie “Pass the Bleep: Experience Based Learning to Develop Capable Junior Doctors”
• A Gwyther, E Worley, M Ainsworth, C Roberts, S Woodd “COVID-19 and the ageing workshop: Using aged-suits to enhance students’ communication skills whilst wearing PPE”
• Nicolle Arroyave, Kathryn Ferguson, Katie Reid, Madeline King, Jade Scott-Balgrove, Rachel Fardon “Disparities in medical application preparation and skills on admission to medical school”

Thank you all for joining us this year, and we look forward to engaging with you all more in the coming year!

Team TASME 2021