What inspired you to become a part of ASME, and how have you deepened your involvement over time?

Teaching is my life passion, and I found the principles of ASME echoing my sentiments.

The outstanding work of ASME inspired me to join its family of medical educators.

I became a member while involved in eyecare professions education in India. Since then, I have been involved in various ASME SIGs and their activities.


In what ways has being a member of ASME influenced your career or studies in medical education?

The two ways how being a member of ASME has helped me be a better educator:

Being a part of the ‘New Voices Program’ has enabled me to appreciate medical education research. Dr Aileen and her TCT team have made commendable efforts to keep the program beneficial for young and aspiring medical educators.

Being a mentee in the mentorship programme has richly improved my vision from a career perspective. Prof. Bob McKinley has been an incredible mentor who motivates and guides my career.


Can you share a memorable moment or experience you’ve had within or with ASME?

Attending the RME conference has been an eye-opening experience for a novice educator like me. The most memorable part was getting my mentor, Prof McKinley, to autograph the newly released book on Research in Medical Education.

Apart from your activities with ASME, are there any other initiatives or projects you’re passionate about and would like to share?

As a clinical teaching fellow working in one of the best eye hospitals in the world, Moorfields Eye Hospital has given me an incredible opportunity to teach medical students. I employ mind maps and whiteboard-style teaching rather than conventional PowerPoint slides to teach my students.

I work closely with the Ophthalmology Foundation to deliver Faculty Development programs in resource-scarce countries.


For someone considering joining ASME, what advice would you offer?

ASME is an epicentre of medical education for anyone passionate about it. I advise enrolling in SIGs, taking advantage of the quality medical education journals ASME offers, and applying for awards, which will keep you motivated in your path to becoming a medical educator.