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Want to make an active contribution to ASME and its Aims and Mission and represent ASME’s members on the Board? 

ASME’s Board of Directors would like to invite applications from the membership to apply to join the Board as the Director from the Membership for 12 months.  This is to enable interested members who wish to make an active contribution to ASME, gain experience and insight into how a Board operates, influence policy and/or ideas and to provide a fresh and possibly alternative viewpoints/ideas to the Board.  A project may be identified for the successful applicant.

The role description can be found here.

Election of a Director by the Membership – process

Should a member wish to nominate either themselves or another member (with their permission) to join the Board as a Director (limited to one position), they should submit a 300-word statement outlining their background and experience and what they consider they would bring to ASME generally and any specific ideas they may like to propose.

ASME particularly welcomes applicants from diverse and under-represented backgrounds

Confirmation from their Line Manager and/or Institution of their agreement for this role should also be attached to the statement and submitted to our HR Manager. 

All Directors are required to be active and current individual members of ASME.

Please note that should you be appointed as a Director of ASME, you will be required to resign from any position you hold on our Career Groups, Committees or SIGs’ committees.

The position would be for 12 months with the option for renewal for a further year, subject to the Board’s agreement.  Any appointment is subject to a vacant Board position being available.

If you would like to apply, please forward your statement, CV and your Line Manager’s agreement to our HR Manager at: by 9th May 2022.   

It is anticipated that interviews will be held on the 20th May, either in person (if based near Edinburgh) or by Zoom.  The appointed Director will have a full induction and handover.

The successful candidate will be advised after the AGM (when all members have the opportunity to vote on the candidate short list) in July and is expected to attend the next Board meeting on 22nd September 2022 and all subsequent Board meetings (the AGM in July and usually 3 Face to Face and 3 Zoom calls throughout the year).

No remuneration is paid but expenses will be re-imbursed in line with ASME’s expenses policy.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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