The Researching Medical Education (RME) is a conference held in London on Wednesday 18 November for all those interested in medical or clinical education research as an academic discipline. 

The one-day conference is designed and run by ASME in collaboration with the Institute of Education. The day is structured into parallel sessions and led by internationally renowned keynote speakers including:
Professor Chris McManus, Professor of Psychology and Medical Education at University College London (UCL) and Celia Roberts, Professor Emerita in Sociolinguistics at King’s College London in the Centre for Language, Discourse and Communication. The speakers will be talking about the following topics:

Professor McManus said: " 'Big data' is undoubtedly the future for medical education, but the rewards will not come easily. The data are difficult to process, always messy, never complete, and in themselves say little, and need a wide range of analytical skills, but nevertheless can be immensely powerful.  Theory and an understanding of people and processes are also needed if the results are to affect practice and policy."

Professor Roberts, said: “Much of institutional life is made up of talk and interaction. With micro-analysis we can see what is ‘hidden in plain sight’. Such analysis helps us to understand and take action on social problems that are overlooked or seem intractable, and to disturb some of the taken for granted ways of researching in health settings. I hope to convince you at the RME that methodologies that look at the detail of how people talk and interact together are worth learning about because they look at life through a different lens.”

There are also keynote seminars and discussion groups, research method workshops for new and more experienced researchers and a master class for those studying for higher degrees. In addition, there are opportunities to network with your peers and those leading the field in medical education research.

The conference will be of interest to career researchers, teachers of medical / clinical education research, students studying for Masters or PhDs / EdDs, undergraduate students starting education projects, medical education intercalation or those just keen in gaining a better understanding of educational research. Delegates are encouraged to use hashtag #
RME2015 on social media.

For more information about the conference and prices please click here.

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