MEG LogoThe Multidisciplinary Educators Group (SIG) is seeking to recruit a Deputy Chair and three Committee members to support the running of the group’s activities.

The MEG mission statement is to focus on the development, support and role promotion of medical educators who come from a professional background other than medicine, and to explore and promote their skills and expertise. This SIG fulfils the need to provide a recognised and explicitly badged forum for this diverse range of professionals within ASME.

We are aiming to meet three to four times per year.  We would envisage a face-to-face meeting would be arranged around the time of the ASME conferences, ASM in July and RME in November.  Other meetings would be held on-line through Zoom or Teams with ongoing informal communication through a Teams channel and email.

Committee Members should hold individual membership of ASME.

You can join here

ASME particularly welcomes applicants from diverse and under-represented backgrounds.

Purpose of MEG

The principal aim of our group is to share our combined expertise and experiences in order to raise the profile of multidisciplinary educators.

The MEG aims to:

  • To share knowledge and expertise regarding medical education.
  • To provide networking opportunities.
  • To offer a forum for members to seek support, advice or project collaboration.
  • To raise awareness of diversity of backgrounds of those working in medical education in terms of commonalities, challenges and unique skills.

Appointment of Deputy Chair and Committee members

  1. Appointments are normally to be made by open advert to the ASME membership, with applications judged by the existing Committee members (from MEG, and other associated SIGs)
  2. The Committee may choose to conduct short selection interviews (online) before finalising decisions.
  3. Appointments to be for 1 year in the first instance, extended to 3 years with satisfactory performance against set indicators.
  4. Appointments are renewable for one further period of 3 years, subject to satisfactory performance against indicators.

Invitation to apply
Applications for Deputy Chair or Committee membership should be made through submission of a 600-word statement outlining your background and experience and what you consider you would bring to ASME generally, and the SIG in particular.

Confirmation from your Line Manager and/or Institution of their agreement for this role should also be attached to the statement where appropriate.

This should be submitted by email to the Chair of the Committee (below) by Friday 6th January 2023.

Dr Sonia Bussey
Chair, Multidisciplinary Educators Special Interest Group
Email to