TASME Mentorship Prize 2024 Infographic

We are pleased to announce that the TASME 2024 Mentorship Award is now open for submissions!

This award will provide resources for an early career health professions educator to develop a mentorship relationship that will support their development. It recognises that TASME is not just for trainee doctors, but for all early career health professions educators, be they allied health professionals, clinical scientists, or doctors not in training posts.

Candidates will self-nominate through the application process to demonstrate how they will use the resources to develop a mentoring relationship, and in what way this may benefit their career as a health professions educator.

As well as the prize, the winner will be asked to provide a photo of them meeting with their mentor with a caption for the ASME newsletter. The winner will also be asked to share what they have learned with the TASME community. The medium by which this is done is flexible but should be described in the application – this could include contributing to a TASME podcast episode, presentation at the TASME Annual Conference, and producing materials to be shared on various TASME and ASME social media platforms (including: website, Twitter, Instagram).



In order to be eligible to enter, candidates must be:TASME Logo RGB 1

  • An individual ASME member (including discounted TASME membership) AND one of the below:
    • A medical educator still in training, such as a clinical teaching fellow, a doctor or other healthcare professional with a formal educational role, or a trainee who teaches medical students.
    • A health professions educator who does not hold a substantive post and is within 7 years post qualification.

This list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure about eligibility please email tasme-awards@asme.org.uk

We encourage applicants to find a mentor outside their geographical region. Strong applicants should consider a degree of cross-boundary (specialty or profession for example) collaboration.

Details about the application process, judging and how to apply can be found here

The deadline for submissions is Monday 4th March 2024


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