Announcement of the recipients of the inaugural Mindfulness in Medical Education Research Award 2021


  “We are honoured to be awarded the mindfulness in medical education research prize. It means a lot to have the research done by NANSIG and the SPICE collaborative recognised by ASME. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our fantastic supervisor Professor Kate Saunders, for helping us to make the project a reality. We hope that the funding awarded will ensure we can reward everyone on our team who worked so hard to bring the project to fruition. Many thanks!”     George RichardsonConor Gillespie  The Neurology and Neurosurgery Interest Group Recipients of the inaugural Mindfulness in Medical Education Research Award 2021   One of the intentions of the ASME Special Interest Group Mindfulness in Medical Education is to support the undertaking and dissemination of wellbeing-related research. The ASME-MiME research award is designed to provide a student of healthcare with the opportunity to undertake a piece of research related...

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  As part of Black History Month ASME is highlighting some of the relevant work we have showcased. In November last year Lydie Kitenge and Hazal Turunc presented an ASMEBITESIZE session on Representation In Medicine (, hosted by Ed Whittaker our Co-chair of JASME.  They touched on the impact that imposter syndrome can have and also factors such as socioeconomic factors - both which play a role in inhibiting diversity and equality amongst aspiring medics. Students can often feel alienated from content being taught at medical school. For example, there is a lack of representation of different clinical signs on darker skin amongst medical textbooks and lectures. Lydie and Hazal want to ensure students do not feel this way and that a student’s background does not diminish their medical school experience. Through Journey2Med they want to raise awareness on a topic that has frequently been deemed as ‘uncomfortable’ and so often...

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Celebrating Black History Month at ASME

By Yvonne Mbaki - Honorary Secretary, Lead for Diversity and Inclusion “I am, because we are” (Ubuntu)    Recent global events have meant that as a society, we have a greater awareness of our differences. Reflecting on the ASM conference in the summer, conversations on equality diversity and inclusion (EDI) featured significantly, and in continuing with this theme, we would like to progress these conversations into the month of October as we celebrate Black History Month. The month of October resonates with me personally as I reflect on my lived experience as a Black African living in the UK. I would however like to re-iterate the fact that our differences is what makes us special, and this is why I am honoured to be contributing to Black History Month at ASME this year. As an update for the month of October, you will notice the ASME logo on our website and official...

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Interview with Professor Christine Hine, keynote speaker at RME2021

Christine Hine Photo cropped

  ASME events team interviewed Professor Christine Hine (University of Surrey) who will be delivering a plenary talk and a workshop at this year's Researching Medical Education Conference (RME2021).    A: The title of your keynote at RME 2021 is “Agile research in the face of ever-changing and unpredictable digital environments”. Why did you choose to deliver this talk at this year’s conference, and what can delegates get from it? C: I am hoping that the topic will resonate for many participants and that it will help to build on and learn from recent experiences. The pandemic has certainly been a challenging time for conducting social research. Many carefully crafted research plans have been thwarted as face-to-face fieldwork has often seemed impossible and as people have moved online for many activities, often in a rather unplanned way. Beyond the specific challenges of recent times, developments in digital technologies have produced a steady stream...

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Professor Karen Mattick, ASME Director of Awards, awarded honorary fellowship of the Academy of Medical Educators

Professor Derek Gallen

  Professor Karen Mattick, the Director of Awards of ASME, was awarded honorary fellowship of the Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) at their Academic Meeting 2021 Learning Together for Patient Care, in recognition of her outstanding achievements and major influence on medical education research. The Board of Directors and office team of ASME would like to congratulate  Professor Karen Mattick for this achievement. We are looking forward to having Professor Karen Mattick at our Researching Medical Education conference (RME 2021) in London on the 18th of November. Karen will deliver the workshop Realist review, together with Dr Daniele Carrieri, from the University of Exeter. During this workshop Karen and Daniele will share their experience and insights, gained through two NIHR-funded projects, of applying a Realist Review method to topics relevant to the medical education field.  The first project aimed to understand the social and professional factors influencing the antimicrobial prescribing of doctors-in-training, called the IMPACT...

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