Going back to the ‘bad old days’?

Dan Darbyshire

Dan joined TASME as a regional rep for North West England before becoming joint Awards Lead in 2018. He is an ST5 trainee in Emergency Medicine, though currently out-of-programme doing a PhD at Lancaster Medical School looking at staff retention in Emergency Medicine. He is also the Emergency Medicine Trainees’ Association rep to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s Sustainable Working Practice Committee and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainees Doctors’ Group. Dr Daniel [email protected] COVID-19 has been a tragedy on many levels, but it has succeeded in achieving the aim of the cancelled 2020 ASME ASM. Medical education has been, in every conceivable way, disrupted. After months and months of lockdown people are pining for a return to normality. I, for one, can't wait to go out for dinner with my family, watch some live music and enjoy a weekend away. For many, there is a real fear that...

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The Clinical Teacher Travelling Fellowship 2020

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dr jonathan abbas

ASME and Wiley annually fund this travelling fellowship. The aim of the fellowship is to provide financial support, to the value of up to £2,000 to: An individual to gain further experience and understanding of the field of clinical education and scholarship by visiting an educational or health institution for their own professional and personal development, sharing insights with the host institution, and undertaking some form of project - which may be either a research study or educational development and evaluation. The funds may not be used solely to attend a conference. or Bring a scholar to your educational or health institution to help develop scholarship in clinical education and research. Funding may be used for local projects, running workshops/master classes etc. Where this is the focus of the application, a clear plan including learning outcomes and strategies for sharing good practice and expert knowledge with the wider clinical education and...

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Virtual Health Careers Conference 2020 - 25th July 2020

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Virtual Health Careers Conference 2020 - 25th July 2020 The UK’s leading Conference for Aspiring and Current Health Professionals takes place on 25th July 2020 virtually, delivered from HealthCareersLive Virtual Studio in Manchester, UK. With over 1,500 people already signed up, this will be one of the largest global health career events ever held online – and it is completely free to attend! The Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) is a Collaborating organisation for the Conference. ASME's vision is to work collaboratively with educators, learners, researchers and policy makers to promote scholarship and excellence in medical education to meet the changing needs of the future healthcare workforce. #VHCC2020 promises to bring together and inspire the current and future workforce and we are delighted to support such an initiative. This event fuses exciting new technology and traditional communities of practice and we are looking forward to being part of...

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FST/ASME grant winners announcement

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Since 2016 The Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST) and the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) have come together in a ground-breaking partnership to award a series of research grants to support either a research study or evaluation of a teaching innovation in any field of surgical education and training. We are pleased to announce the latest recipients of the joint ASME / Faculty of Surgical Trainers Research Grant   Name: Karin Baatjes Job Title: Head of Division of Clinical Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University, South Africa Research Title: Real-life procedural videos: an additional assessment tool for structured oral examinations of surgical trainees? Overview: The global COVID pandemic provides opportunities for innovation in the postgraduate surgical teaching program. Real-life recordings of procedural surgery cases as an addition to the traditional teaching methods seems fitting.   These videos also have the potential to be utilised during surgical oral assessments. An additional benefit of the recordings...

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Announcing a new ASME mentoring scheme

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In preparation for launching its pilot mentoring scheme, ASME invites expressions of interest for the provision of a mentor’s development package. This will be offered to colleagues interested in becoming mentors through ASME. We are in discussion with the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) and the School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) about joint mentor development across all three organisations. We anticipate that the package would consist of: A ‘Mentor’s support package’ in hard copy and/or an online resource which may contain:A description of best practiceStatements of expectations for both mentors and mentees‘Top tips’ for mentors and menteesLearning resourcesA Mentoring Skills Development Course which would have to be delivered in a socially distanced manner, perhaps as a webinar which, if recorded, may form part of the support materials. Given that we anticipate a role for JASME and TASME members as ‘near peer’ mentors as well as more (and perhaps very) senior...

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