Celebrating Black History Month at ASME

By Yvonne Mbaki - Honorary Secretary, Lead for Diversity and Inclusion “I am, because we are” (Ubuntu)    Recent global events have meant that as a society, we have a greater awareness of our differences. Reflecting on the ASM conference in the summer, conversations on equality diversity and inclusion (EDI) featured significantly, and in continuing with this theme, we would like to progress these conversations into the month of October as we celebrate Black History Month. The month of October resonates with me personally as I reflect on my lived experience as a Black African living in the UK. I would however like to re-iterate the fact that our differences is what makes us special, and this is why I am honoured to be contributing to Black History Month at ASME this year. As an update for the month of October, you will notice the ASME logo on our website and official...

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Introducing ASME’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy

EDI logo

  We are pleased to announce ASME’s new equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) webpage (https://www.asme.org.uk/diversity). In wanting to lead by example, as an organisation, we acknowledge that we are nowhere near perfect, hence our intentional effort around equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI). The recent development of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (2020-2022) showcases our commitment to embedding the principles of diversity and inclusion throughout ASME, fostering a culture that attracts and retains diverse talent and perspectives, as well as maximising participation of our members both nationally and internationally. Our goal with this webpage is to provide our members with insight into ASME’s Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy and ASME’s EDI policy. What is more, core to our ethos is reassuring ASME members that diversity and inclusivity is integral across all of ASME’s work including our awards, when planning events, undertaking public engagement, implementing mentoring schemes and recruiting ASME directors and chairs of...

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