Become an ASME SoMe intern


  Are you a medic who loves a Tweet? Are you an Instagram guru, or a Snapchat celeb? We want your help to change the world of medical education social media. SoMe is becoming increasingly influential in MedEd, acting as a key cog in disseminating good practice, facilitating debate and enabling important connections between educators. Therefore, for the past 2 years, ASME has been running a Social Media Intern scheme. Our Interns are supported to develop innovations across a variety of online platforms, attend ASME events, gained medical education publications and have presented their work at conferences. So, we’re back for more! If you’re interested in medical education and SoMe, we want your help. We want you to work with ASME and our partner journals Medical Education and The Clinical Teacher to create exciting SoMe resources. This is a great opportunity to develop your communication skills, gain mentorship and work alongside some of the most...

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The Bright Side of Social Media


As the disruption of COVID-19 has unfolded in the medical education community, there has been a rise in technology enhanced learning resources, with a particular emphasis upon Social Media (SoMe). In this blog series, ASME Social Media & Communications Director Dr Jonny Guckian examines some of the success stories behind specific SoMe innovations and highlights the scholarship which drives such popularity. What’s the innovation? The Tweetorial: a series of linked tweets combined to form a step-by-step explanatory essay. It’s undertaken by one single account and breaks down concepts into multiple 280 character chunks. Sounds long. Why bother? One of the chief criticisms levelled at Twitter in academia is that it’s just too hard to get across complex, nuanced ideas in 280 characters. Moreover, posting poorly connected tweets on one subject can be hard to navigate, particularly when the real learning comes from the rigorous debate which follows. Tweetorials break down complicated...

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