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Want to contribute to ASME’s work?  Would you like to have a voice on the Board?

ASME’s Board of Directors would like to invite applications from the membership to apply to join the Board as a Director.  This is to enable interested members to make an active contribution to ASME, gain experience and insight into how a Board operates, influence policy and/or ideas and to provide fresh and possibly alternative viewpoints/ideas to the Board.

Our Articles of Association require that the Board renews/refreshes the Board on a regular basis and as such, we are now looking for three new Directors to join the Board and assume an Office Bearer role, specifically: –

This would be for a 3-year term.  The role descriptions can be found in the links above.

Appointment of Directors by the Board process

If you would like to apply to join the Board as a Director, you should submit your CV and up to a 300 word statement outlining your background and experience and what you would bring to ASME generally and also specifically.

Confirmation from your Line Manager and/or Institution of their support/agreement for this role should also be attached to the statement.

All Directors are required to be active and current individual members members of ASME.

Please note that should you be appointed as a Director of ASME, you will be required to resign from any position you hold on our Career Groups, Committees or SIGs’ committees.

ASME particularly welcomes applicants from diverse and under-represented backgrounds

If you would like to apply, please forward your statement, CV and your Line Manager’s agreement to Ms Sarah Innes, HR Manager at: by 5pm on Monday 2nd May 2022.

It is anticipated that interviews will be held on the 20th May, either in person (if based near Edinburgh) or by Zoom.  The appointed Directors will have a full induction and handover.

Please note that no remuneration is paid to Directors, but expenses for attending Board meetings etc are re-imbursed in line with ASME’s expenses policy.

We look forward to hearing from you!