ASME is delighted to announce the ASME/GMC Excellent Medical Education Award winners for 2022.

The “Excellent Medical Education” Programme is a set of national prizes established jointly by ASME and the GMC and are intended to fund high-quality medical education research, development and innovation.

ASME and the GMC welcome applications on a wide range of issues across the continuum of medical education. Three awards are available across the two categories of undergraduate and postgraduate/continuing professional development.

The programme is intended to support research which is related to the innovation, development, implementation and sustainability of excellent medical education which has an impact at either the individual (medical students, doctors in training, SAS doctors and consultants, and/or patients) or systems level (e.g. informing or leading to organisational change).

Applications up to the value of £5,000 and up to 12 months in duration will be considered. 

Please note FEC, HEI and NHS Indirect Costs, and NHS Treatment costs will not be supported.

ASME is delighted to announce the 2022 recipients as follows:

EME Award winners 2022

Dr Renee Ewe, Dr Stephanie Bull, Dr Megan Brown, Stephanie Powell, Dr Ravi Parekh (Imperial College London) & Professor Hugh Alberti (Newcastle University School of Medicine), were awarded the prize for their submission: General Practice Environmental Education (GREEN) Toolkit, in the Undergraduate category. @ReneeEwe, @StephBull7, @Megan_EL_Brown, @Steph_Powell8

“We are delighted to have been selected for this award and to be offered the opportunity to explore community priorities around sustainable healthcare. We aim to use this grant to develop a General Practice Environmental Education toolkit for undergraduate medical educators grounded by community stakeholder opinions. We hope that this collaborative project will support the implementation of sustainable healthcare curricula nationally.”


Andrew McclareyAndrew McClarey (pictured) (NHS Education for Scotland), Dr Duncan McNab, Dr Sarah Luty (NHS Education Scotland), Dr Samantha Smith (NHS Forth Valley) & Dr Agata Dunsmore (University of Edinburgh) were awarded the prize for their submission: Tactics for triage: Exploring the factors influencing General Practitioner triage decision making to inform the design of tactical decision games, in the Postgraduate/CPD category.

“We are very grateful to receive this award and thank ASME and the GMC for running this.   The triage of workload is an increasing feature in General Practice, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant will be used to explore the factors which experienced GPs take into account when making triage decisions.  The results will be used to inform the design of a tactical decision game to teach triage decision-making skills for GP Specialty Trainees.”



EME Award 2022 Winners

Katherine Gibson Smith (University of Aberdeen), Dr Caroline Bonner (Disabled Doctors Network), Dr Anitia Laidlaw (University of Aberdeen), Dr Jo Cecil (University of St Andrews) & Dr Grainne Kearney (Queen’s University Belfast), were awarded the prize for their submission: Experiences of working and career progression of doctors with disabilities in the clinical workplace: a scoping review, in the EDI category. @disableddoctors @LaidlawAnita @drgkearney @Cecil72266424

“We are delighted to have been awarded this funding and are really looking forward to developing this strand of work in a really important area.”

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