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ASME’s Education Research Committee are please to announce the finalists of the 2023 round of the RPA. Applicants were requested to submit their research paper describing research that was complete at time of submission. The submissions were judged against the following criteria:

  • Novelty of subject matter or approach within the field of medical education research.
  • Contribution to the field of medical education research.
  • A clear statement of rationale with a relevant gap in literature identified.
  • Clearly stated research question(s) and/or aims and objectives that are in concordance with the research design.
  • Clear rationale for the methodological / theoretical approach taken.
  • Findings from results clearly reported and the new knowledge generated by the study clearly stated.
  • Relevant discussion and justified conclusions presented with recommendations and / or relevance to practice outlined
  • The paper/submission should be unpublished at the time of application as it has to be original

With all submissions being of high quality, the award assessors awarded finalists places to the following applicants:

A ColliniAnna Collini @drcollini

Lecturer in Medical Education, KCL

You may think that the consultants are great, and they know everything, but they don’t: exploring how new Emergency Medicine consultants experience uncertainty

“I am very excited to have been chosen as a finalist for the ERC Research Paper Award, and to have the opportunity to present my work at the ASME ASM. I’m looking forward to sharing my findings with the ASME community, and hopefully starting some interesting conversations!”


E Farrington

Emma Farrington

Newcastle University

Experiences of patient death: voices of new graduate doctors in the COVID-19 pandemic

‘I’m so excited to be selected to present at ASME! The COVID-19 pandemic presented new doctors with unprecedented exposure to patient death. I look forward to sharing some of their stories, and lessons we can take forward, with you at ASME 2023.’



James and KaterinaJohnny Callaghan @JohnnyCa11aghan and Katrina Freimane @KatrinaFreimane

Queens University Belfast

(L)earning: exploring the value of paid roles for medical students

“We are thrilled to be invited to present as finalists for the 2023 ASME Research Paper Award.  We’ve loved our first foray into the world of medical education research, where we explored learning and earning for medical students. We think our work has exciting, novel and impactful implications which we’re looking forward to sharing with everyone!” 


All applicants will be presenting at the ASME ASM 2023 – 12th-14th July, Birmingham, UK  in the RPA finalists’ session and thereafter a winner will be chosen.

More information on all of our awards can be found here:

More details on the RPA session will be available soon – good luck to all our finalists!