ASME’s Educator Development Committee (EDC) seeks to support and promote the personal and professional development of healthcare educators of all disciplines and to disseminate good practice in medical education.


The ASME EDC Education Innovation Awards have been developed to highlight, promote and disseminate examples of innovative educational practice in healthcare professionals’ education.


The value of this award is up to a maximum of £1,000 towards professional development expenses and one free registration for the ASME ASM.


The ASME EDC Education Innovation Awards are aimed at providing funding for an individual educator or team of educators to develop an educational innovation that demonstrates originality, is of practical significance, is applicable to educators in other centres and which may fill a gap in pedagogy.

We are pleased to announce our 2023 Winners:


Nyree Myatt

Nyree Myatt, Queen Mary University Of London – ‘Invisible Women Scholarship Group’

“In the middle of a plaza, she pauses –
The downpour tricking her eyes to believe
The statue in the square is a fellow invisible woman.” (Romalyn Ante: Invisible Women)

“When I joined the medical school a few years ago on a teaching and scholarship post, it took me a little while to appreciate that the MBBS was largely held together by a group of wonderful women. Our roles involved much teaching but very little scholarship as there was simply no time left. We beavered away, working hard but our endeavours largely went unnoticed; we were almost invisible. When I was turned down for promotion due to the lack of scholarly activity, I decided it was time for us to support, encourage and empower each other with our scholarship, and the invisible Women Scholarship Group was born which is now starting to bear fruit. Being awarded an EDC Education Innovation award has been a huge career highlight, and I, together with my fellow invisible women,  are completely thrilled. The invisible women are becoming visible.

Thank you very much – and I am still overjoyed at winning this award!”


Akhilesh Kumar PH


Akhilesh Kumar PH, All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur – Authentic Patient-led Participatory Learning Experience (APPLE): An Innovative Approach for Building Clinical Empathy for Neglected Tropical Diseases in healthcare students


“I am extremely delighted and honoured to receive this award, this brings a feeling of recognition more than pride and success”.





For more information on our awards please click here: ASME Awards


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