Pradipta Debnath     

Pradipta, originally from Bangladesh, is a 3rd year medical student at the University of Nottingham. His interest in MedEd led him to become the local rep for JASME and organise this event. Other interests include medical research, leadership and neuroscience and he is also the founding president of the ‘Nottingham Medical Leadership Society’. In his free time, Pradipta loves watching (sometimes performing) stand-up comedy, playing cricket and going to the gym.

Medical Education (MedEd) is a field many people are interested in, but few know exactly where to start. The purpose of this event was to spread awareness about the field and provide an overview of the possible career pathways. The speaker at the event, Professor Gillian Doody (who is the Dean of Medical Education), is a familiar face for Nottingham medical students, which is an important reason why the turnout at the event was so high. During the talk, she spoke about how people can get involved in MedEd at each stage of their career including teaching undergraduates and postgraduates. She also mentioned her own career pathway to becoming Dean, which was very inspirational. At the ‘Question and Answer session’ at the end, Professor Doody shared a snapshot of her own weekly schedule with the audience, which also includes working as a Consultant Adult Psychiatrist locally in addition to the plethora of commitments as Dean. After conversing with some of the attendees, it was evident that this event had generated further interest in MedEd and many seemed more likely to pursue it in their future careers!