A collaboration between the local reps at Dundee and Warwick Medical Schools, this panel discussion on the topic of ‘Exploring Professional Identity Formation’ included a diverse panel of speakers consisting of a medical education researcher and a medical psychotherapist (and also medical educator) as well as two medical students – a qualified physician associate turned first year graduate-entry medical student from Warwick and a final year medic from Dundee. The event began with a presentation on professional identity delivered by Dr Lisi Gordon from Dundee who was then joined by Valentine Mberu, also from Dundee, and Dr Anne-Marie Chilton and Donya Mighty from Warwick. The panellists engaged in a discussion about what it means to establish your identity as a healthcare professional and specifically focussed on their experiences with it as women and women of colour. We believe there is a need for conversations around professional identity, as it will allow students to progress into their careers with more confidence and make them even better clinicians and educators. We would like to thank all who attended, and we hope to see you soon for another JASME local rep event.

Stanimir Stoilov

@ StanimirrS

Stanimir is a medical student and the local rep for JASME at Warwick Medical School.


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