Professor Karen Mattick, the Director of Awards of ASME, was awarded honorary fellowship of the Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) at their Academic Meeting 2021 Learning Together for Patient Care, in recognition of her outstanding achievements and major influence on medical education research.

The Board of Directors and office team of ASME would like to congratulate  Professor Karen Mattick for this achievement.

We are looking forward to having Professor Karen Mattick at our Researching Medical Education conference (RME 2021) in London on the 18th of November. Karen will deliver the workshop Realist review, together with Dr Daniele Carrieri, from the University of Exeter. During this workshop Karen and Daniele will share their experience and insights, gained through two NIHR-funded projects, of applying a Realist Review method to topics relevant to the medical education field.  The first project aimed to understand the social and professional factors influencing the antimicrobial prescribing of doctors-in-training, called the IMPACT review; the second project aimed to improve understanding of how, why and in what contexts mental health services and support interventions can be designed in order to minimise the negative impacts of providing care on UK doctors’ mental ill-health, called Care Under Pressure.  We will provide insights into the realist review process, including key decision points and dilemmas encountered, and encourage participants to ask questions and shape the discussion.  We will finish the session with a discussion of what other medical education topics might benefit from a realist review approach and what the downsides or limitations might be.


Professor Derek Gallen


Karen Mattick is Professor of Medical Education at the University of Exeter. She is Co-Lead for a Centre for Research in Professional Learning there, which aims to bring education researchers from the fields of healthcare education, teacher education, law education, academic development and so on.  Karen has over fourteen years’ experience as a medical education researcher, with over 50 peer-reviewed research papers and external funding from a range of sources, and is Associate Editor for The Clinical Teacher journal. Karen’s academic practice has been recognized in the award of Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2012 and a National Teaching Fellowship in 2005.