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Exciting medical education opportunity

JASME (the junior branch of ASME – the Association for the Study of Medical Education), is looking to recruit local reps. Local reps are volunteer medical students who help spread the good word about Med Ed through helping publicize JASME events, writing articles for our newsletters about medical education and organizing their own medical education event. The event can be of your own design but must be about medical education or medical education research. Examples are evenings based on: teaching skills, comics and medical education and a Med Ed journal club meeting. The Med Ed world is your oyster!

Being a local rep also means that you can be involved in our online e-journal club. Every 2-3 months, we will announce a topic and pick a certain number of articles to read. All you have to do is sign up on Doodle poll and read the articles, then join the Skype on the day.

Becoming a local rep is simple – all you have to do is write a short passage about why you’d be suitable and become a member of ASME. Membership can be purchased at

It’s important that you’re a member of ASME, as due to the new GDPR rules, we would be unable to contact you otherwise.
Being a member has also got lots of benefits, such as:

  • · Regular Electronic Newsletter outlining upcoming prizes, events and discussing medical education topics
  • · Access to JASME prizes, grants and educational awards
  • · Places on JASME’s Workshops/Focus Groups and Introductory research courses
  • · Online access to ASME's journals, Medical Education & The Clinical Teacher
  • · Discounts on registration fees for all of ASME's courses, conferences and workshops
  • · Opportunity to be a local rep for your area or institution

Please email your application or any questions to: [email protected]

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