Psychometrics, Measurement and Quality in Assessment

Measuring the quality of the assessment we undertake in medical education is a vital part of improving undergraduate and postgraduate training.

PsychometricsThe Psychometrics and Measurement Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group within ASME which aims to create a network to support those directly involved in psychometrics & assessment quality. It spans academics, clinicians, assessment coordinators and psychometricians.

The SIG is supported by the ASME Board of Directors, and also aims to support ASME's aims and wider membership in a better understanding and application of meaningful assessment, and effective quality improvement of assessment.

The aims of the Psychometrics SIG are to:

  • Promoting excellence in the application of assessment theory and practice in Medical Education.
  • Advancing understanding and application of psychometric techniques in assessment.
  • Create a programme of dissemination and collaborative research across institutions, disciplines and programmes.
  • Provide a network to promote Continuing Professional Development for those closely involved in assessment psychometrics, and share best practice.

For more information on Psychometrics or any other SIGs, please contact Richard Fuller.

To download the Psychometrics flyer, click here 


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