Educator Development Group

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Educator Developer Group LogoTo seek to support and promote the professional development of teachers, trainers and learners in medical education. 

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Distil and disseminate good practice
  • Support the development of relevant special interest groups identified by ASME such as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and the Psychometrics SIG
  • Promote collaboration with other relevant organisations and interest groups supporting educator development
  • Encourage the scholarly development of educators (working in collaboration with the Education Research Group (ERG))

We do this by:

  • Involvement in planning and running themed sessions at the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)
  • Developing educators through various events, and through the bestowing of various Educator Development Group awards
  • Running regional and national events to address topical learning needs of medical educators
  • Publishing a summative series of articles on key aspects of medical education practice
  • Advancing knowledge to benefit patients and key stakeholders

The mission will be met by the provision of:

  • Special sessions at the Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Developing a network of educator groups
  • Collaborating with ASME's other special interest groups  



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