The ASME Board introduced a new award in 2020 – the Board Award, to extend and complement the existing awards offered to our members.

The aim of this award is to fund one high quality research project per year, up to the value of £20,000, which is strongly aligned to ASME’s strategic priorities.  The Board believe this size of award will provide a ‘next step’ for ASME members who have held smaller awards previously.  Each year, we will highlight the strategic priorities that we would particularly welcome applications on, to support the Board to advance scholarship in medical education. 

In this first year, we particularly welcomed projects with a focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity; or Mentoring; although we were happy to receive other applications aligned to our strategic aims

We are very pleased to announce that the funding for the Inaugural Board Award 2020 has been award for the project: Examining the interconnectedness of medical students and its impact on achievement and wellbeing – a mixed-methods multicentre study with a focus on BAME students.

The team carrying out this work, scheduled to start March 2021, consists of the following members

Lead Applicant: Dr Gerens Curnow, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust – Academic foundation doctor, previous small grant winner and future medical educator.


Gerens Curnow
Dr Gerens Curnow


Daniele Carrieri
Dr Daniele Carrieri

Mark Tarrant

Dr Mark Tarrant


Neil Rice

Mr Neil Rice

Sohag Saleh

Dr Sohag Saleh

Stephanie Bull

Dr Stephanie Bull

Vrinda Nayak

Dr Vrinda Nayak

Primary Investigator: Dr Stephanie Bull, Senior Lecturer and Co-Lead for Problem-Based Learning, University of Exeter

Dr Sohag Saleh Imperial College London Senior Teaching Fellow, lead for early-year’s research placement, pharmacology co-lead
Mr Neil Rice University of Exeter Medical School Psychometrician
Dr Mark Tarrant University of Exeter Medical School – Senior Lecturer in psychology applied to health
Dr Daniele Carrieri University of Exeter Medical School – Lecturer in public health

Joining the team is Dr Vrinda Nayak, Senior Lecturer in Education and Scholarship, University of Exeter Medical School

On hearing of their award, the team said “We feel extremely fortunate to have been awarded the ASME Board Award 2020 for our work exploring the interconnectedness of medical students, with a particular focus on the BAME student population. We feel that this is extremely important work, especially in light of the current global situation with the Black Lives Matter movement. The achievement gap between White and Non-White students is yet to be fully understood, and we hope that our research, kindly funded by ASME, will contribute to this process.”


The ASME Board passes on their congratulations to the team and look forward to reading updates on their work in the future.

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