Current Grants & Awards

LDG New Leaders Award 2018


The New Leaders Award is an annual prize which recognises outstanding leadership in the field of medical education for those early in their medical education career. The award is designed to provide recognition for those who have taken a leadership or management role in undergraduate, postgraduate or continuing professional development that has had clear benefit and impact on improving the quality of learning, teaching or the patient experience.

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Wiley-ASME 60th Anniversary Travelling Fellowship

Wiley is generously funding up to £2,000 per Travelling Fellowship to provide two Fellowships to celebrate ASME’s 60th anniversary.

The aim of the Fellowship is to provide financial support to an individual or a research group to facilitate gaining further experience/training/knowledge that will enable strengthening of health professional education research efforts on the topic of diversity. Diversity can cover a range of topics such as, but not exclusively:

  • widening access and selection into medicine
  • curricular content
  • fair assessments

    The individual or team must demonstrate commitment to a particular project and clearly indicate how the activities supported by the Travelling Fellowship will enhance the capacity to engage in conceptually grounded, methodologically rigorous, and programmatic research efforts in the topic area of diversity. Applications where the Fellowship will be used to enable visiting an institution or research group in furtherance of the individual’s own professional and personal development and collaborative opportunities or to bring a scholar to the team in furtherance of the group’s and research project’s development are particularly welcome.
  • Key dates

    The closing date for bids is 31st August 2017.  We expect to receive one electronic version of the application by noon on the closing date.   Applicants will be informed as to the outcome of their application by 31st October 2017.  The fellowship must be used in 2018. 


    This opportunity is available to individual members of ASME.

    Assessment of applications

    All applications will be processed by the ASME office initially.  Those which do not focus on diversity and/or have not fulfilled the guidance will be rejected at this screening stage.  The remaining applications will be reviewed by a small Panel of members selected on the basis of their expertise. 

    Acknowledgement of support

    Publications and other forms of media communication, including media appearances, press releases and conferences, must acknowledge the support received from Wiley and ASME. The expectation is that this Travelling Fellowship will lead to output in the form of a scholarly article which would be submitted for consideration of publication to an internationally recognized peer reviewed journal such as Medical Education or The Clinical Teacher


    2017 Recipients

    Kirsty Alexander, University of Aberdeen

    Sally Curtis, University of Southampton

    Sebastian Shaw, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Application Form

    Applications are now closed.

    "Medical Education" Travelling Fellowship 2018

    The deadline for 2018 submissions is Wednesday 31st January 2018

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    "The Clinical Teacher" Travelling Fellowship 2018


    The deadline for 2018 submissions is Tuesday 31st January 2018


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    External Awards


    ASME is recognised by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) as a specialist society and nominating body and we are able to support our Members in their applications for Clinical Excellence Awards.

    The 2017 round opens on Tuesday 28th February and the deadline is 5pm, Tuesday 2nd May 2017

    Applicaiotnf or support from ASME must be received by 12 noon, Monday 27th March 2017

    Details can be found on the ACCEA web page.

    President's Medal

    This award is closed for this year.

    The President’s Medal  is a prestigious award which is intended to recognise exceptional, sustained contribution and loyalty to ASME over a long period of time. It is awarded to those who have enhanced ASME by their contribution to and continuing interest in the Association, and/or by the excellence of their reputation in the field of medical education. 

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    ASME Gold Medal 2018

    The deadline for nominations is midday, 31st October 2017                        


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    EDC Educator Development Awards 2017

    Deadline for submissions has passed (noon, 18th October 2017)

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    Small Grants 2018

    Deadline  12 noon Thursday 18th January 2018

    ERG logo NEW april 2015The Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), which includes in its goals, the promotion of high quality research into medical education, invites Members (including undergraduate student members) to submit a bid for a small grant to support either a research study or evaluation of a teaching innovation in the field of medical and healthcare education. ASME welcomes submissions from new as well as established researchers.

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    Best Original Research Paper Award (BORPA) 2018

    Deadline: 29th January  2018  12 noon

    ERC cmykOn behalf of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), which includes in its goals, the promotion of high-quality research into medical education, the Education Research Committee (ERC) invites ASME Members to submit an application for the Best Original Research Paper Award. It is expected that applicants will describe research that is completed at the time of abstract submission.

    Those wishing to be considered for the award are invited to submit an extended abstract of no more than 800 words, detailing their work at the point of abstract submission to the ASM conference. Please note that only ASME members are eligible to apply for the Best Original Research paper Award. Unsuccessful applicants for this award will still be considered for acceptance as an oral or poster presentation. Please note: having already submitted your work as an abstract for the ASM 2018 does not preclude you from applying for this award but you must indicate on the submission form if you have submitted this paper via the abstract submission process as well. 

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    EDC Education Innovation Award 2017

    Deadline: noon, 13th November 2017


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    Excellent Medical Education Joint ASME/GMC Awards 2018

    The deadline for 2018 submissions is 22 January 2018

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