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Since 2016 The Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST) and the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) have come together in a ground-breaking partnership to award a series of research grants to support either a research study or evaluation of a teaching innovation in any field of surgical education and training.

We are pleased to announce the latest recipients of the joint ASME / Faculty of Surgical Trainers Research Grant



Name: Karin Baatjes

Job Title: Head of Division of Clinical Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Research Title: Real-life procedural videos: an additional assessment tool for structured oral examinations of surgical trainees?

Overview: The global COVID pandemic provides opportunities for innovation in the postgraduate surgical teaching program. Real-life recordings of procedural surgery cases as an addition to the traditional teaching methods seems fitting.   These videos also have the potential to be utilised during surgical oral assessments. An additional benefit of the recordings is the possibility of remote application, thereby limiting person-to person contact as well as long distance travel to exam venues in wide geographical areas.  The COVID pandemic has stimulated the revision of teaching and assessment practices in our surgical curriculum, but thorough evaluation of such actions should be researched


Name: Aimee Marie Charnell

Job Title: General Surgery Fellow, Leeds Institute of Medical Education

Research Title: How do Surgical Trainees Learn in Outpatient Clinics?  A Video‐Reflexive Ethnography Study. 

Overview: Outpatient clinics form a significant workload within surgical practice, both for consultants and trainees.  In other elements of surgery, training is incremental; however, in clinics, large responsibility is often given early in surgical training.  While learning in the outpatient clinic has been studied previously, it is yet to be explored by observing trainees in their natural clinical practice.  This study examines how trainees learn within outpatient clinics by filming trainees completing outpatient clinics.  Clips chosen by the trainee and consultant will be shown to multi-disciplinary surgical teams who will determine how to best support trainees in clinics.



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