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What is the role of AI tools in undergraduate Medical Education?

June 5th 2024 at 13:00 - 13:45

In this session the panel, who previously presented their research as a poster at Researching Medical Education 2024, will walk participants through their research with Aston and Birmingham medical students. They will ask participants about their experiences with AI tools and chatbots and focus their session on their tutorial using chatbot and clinical reasoning tools. They will discuss their experiences and future applications and give an insight into their interview data and qualitative analysis from approx. 60 med students experiencing chatbot as a mosce station.

Session Video

Panel Presenters

Rochelle Velho

Rochelle Velho is Clinical Teaching Fellow in the UK with previous experience in Acute Medicine, Aerospace medicine and Intensive Care Medicine. She has completed an NIHR Academic Foundation Program (AFP) in Public Health and the NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) in ACCS-Anaesthesia & ICM.

Rochelle has always been interested in medical education. During her foundation years, she was awarded the Mark Brennon Award (3rd Prize) for a poster presentation on qualitative research evaluating the impact of patient choice on medical education.

Thereafter, during her ACF in ITU she was the national research lead for the Trainee Association for Medical Education (TASME) from 2016 to 2018, where she helped shape training for Clinical Teaching Fellowships and delivered workshops on systematic reviews in medical education with expert input from the Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) collaboration. Her main research interests within medical education include TEL and utilising AI as an adjunct to medical education

Siddharth Shankar

Siddharth Shankar is a trust-grade Doctor working as a Clinical Teaching Fellow at University Hospitals Birmingham, having done his undergraduation in India, and is an alumna of Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India (MBBS). He has been interested in and participated in teaching since Medical school. He aspires to work in Internal Medicine, and has previous experience in Respiratory Medicine and Acute Medicine.


Daniel Langley

Daniel Langley is a trust-grade doctor working as a Clinical Teaching Fellow at University Hospitals Birmingham. Before studying graduate-entry medicine, Daniel completed his Neuroscience BSc at the University of Manchester, which included a 12-month industrial placement in Biberach-an-der-Riß, Germany with Boehringer Ingelheim. He continues to have a keen interest in the neurosciences and aspires towards a career in neurology, but it was at medical school in Southampton that he developed a joy for teaching when organizing neuroanatomy teaching for the year below. After his studies, Daniel returned to the North West to complete his Foundation Training at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Laamia Subha

Laamia Subha is a trust-grade Doctor working as a Clinical Teaching Fellow at University Hospitals Birmingham, having spent her Foundation Years at the same trust. She aspires to become an Ophthalmologist and has undertaken a clinical attachment at the local Ophthalmology department to gain more experience in the specialty; she finds the joint medical and surgical aspects of the job to be very interesting. She became interested in teaching due to the inspirational teachers she has met throughout her life and especially in medical school. She is an alumna of St. George’s, University of London (for her MBBS) and University of Toronto (where she graduated from with an Hons. BSc. in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology and Mathematics). As a Canadian, she has enjoyed her stay in the United Kingdom and hopes to further her career here.

Nicholas Greaves

Nicholas Greaves is a trust-grade doctor working as a Clinical Teaching Fellow at University Hospitals Birmingham. He graduated from The University of Birmingham in 2020 (MBChB) before completing his foundation training as a doctor in the West Midlands. He has been involved in medical education since his final year of medical school, and has a particular interest in simulation based medical education. Nicholas aspires to work in Anaesthetics/Intensive Care medicine.

Safa Al Hayalee

Safa Al-Hayalee is a trust-grade doctor working as a Clinical Teaching Fellow at University Hospitals Birmingham. She studied at the University of Birmingham and graduated with an intercalated degree in International Health alongside her MBChB. She has had a passion for medical education since medical school. She aspires for a career in General Practice and strives to continue developing as a teacher alongside her training.

Session Chair
Vidarshi Karunaratne

Dr. Vidarshi Karunaratne BSc Med Sci (Hons), PhD, FRCOphth

Vidarshi Karunaratne is co-chair of the ASME special interest group Mindfulness in Medical Education.  She originally read medicine at Edinburgh University, graduating with an intercalated BSc with honours in Immunology and MBChB. She competed some basic surgical and ophthalmology training in Scotland before completing a PhD in quantitative genetics between the University of Edinburgh and the MRC Human Genetics Unit. She subsequently joined the North London ophthalmology specialty training program and trained at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Barts Health NHS Trust (Whipps Cross Hospital and Royal London) before training to teach mindfulness based cognitive therapy at Oxford University’s Mindfulness Centre. She worked as a mindfulness teacher for several years, teaching mindfulness to a variety of individuals and organizations.  She currently teaches public health at King’s College, London.

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