Technology Enhanced Learning – ASM Pre-Conference Workshop 2016

4th July 2016
to 4th July 2016
Brunel Cl, Exeter EX4 4FH, UKUniversity of Exeter

Presenters: Dominic Alder, e-Learning Materials Developer, Katrina Butcher, General Surgical Registrar, Richard Bamford, General Surgical Registrar, Martin van Eker, Academies IT and Network Manager Tuesday 5th July 2016 10am – 4pmMembers: £110, Non-member £125, F1/F2/Trainee: £90, UG: £70
Creating innovative and engaging eLearning activities and materials can take time and often requires technical skills. Many organisations are now involving their students and trainees in the use of digital technologies to support their curricula, and in particular the development of online learning resources. This workshop will be an interactive, practical guide to how you can engage and harness the creativity of students and learners in developing high-quality sustainable e-learning projects.  Framed by a number of case-studies at both undergraduate and trainee level, the workshop will be largely participative with activities using digital tools to create resources. Through reflecting on your practical experiences of the workshop activities, you will develop an insight into the benefits for both teachers and learners, including the range of knowledge and skills (both technical and non-technical) developed, when working in partnership with learners to develop e-learning projects.   The workshop will involve extensive participation from attendees through a variety of interactive activities – brainstorms and small-group work, presenting back to the wider group, etc.  A large part of the workshop will involve all attendees using a number of easy to use tools to create simple but effective online interactive exercises, reflecting on the level of knowledge and skills developed.   By the end of this workshop participants should be able to:

Discuss models for developing interactive e-learning resources through a number of case studies
Select and plan to use a selection of e-learning tools to develop innovative e-learning resources
Devise and implement plans for elearning development projects involving learners 

The methods used during the workshop and prior are:

Participants will be sent links to existing student developed e-learning projects and resources and key papers to critique prior to the workshop. Delegates will discuss these and their implications during the practical sessions. 
In small groups, participants will produce, simple e-Learning resources supported by explanations and information on key concepts and knowledge
Discussion of staff-student partnerships for the development of e-learning projects and materials and the benefits to teachers and learners through reflecting on creating e-learning resources as part of the workshop 

Dr Jane Williams, Director e-Learning, Medicine and Dentistry on behalf of the ASME TEL SIG Jane Williams has been involved with developing interactive e-learning resources for medical, dental and veterinary science for over 25 years and has extensive knowledge and experience of embedding technologies to support learning and teaching. She is unit lead for the Technology Enhanced Learning module for the Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals PG Diploma and works with undergraduate students to research models for student-developed e-learning. She is co-chair of ASME’s TEL SIG. Presenters Dominic Alder, e-Learning Materials Developer Katrina Butcher, General Surgical Registrar Richard Bamford, General Surgical Registrar Martin van Eker, Academies IT and Network Manager


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