Team learning at work: towards constructive conflicts in interdisciplinary and interprofessional teamwork

12th October 2023

Current healthcare practitioners, educators and researchers are required to work together to solve patient problems, educational issues or research projects. Often, such teamwork requires moving beyond one’s own discipline or profession. This has long been taken for granted. No investments took place regarding social interactions, which are now known to be key for successful teamwork.

In this session, knowledge on team learning will be shared. Starting with literature originating from management sciences and organizational psychology, we move towards research on team learning conducted in interdisciplinary teacher teams, working on integrated education. Important factors, e.g. psychological safety, will be discussed. Also, practical examples will be shared on interprofessional teamwork and the achievement of constructive conflicts. In the end, recommendations follow on how to facilitate team learning, which is needed to get the best out of teams.

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Session presenter

Stephanie Meeuwissen

Stephanie Meeuwissen

Stephanie Meeuwissen, Resident Internal Medicine, Maastricht University Medical Center and Zuyderland Medical Center, the Netherlands, and Researcher at the Department of Educational Development and Research, School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Stephanie Meeuwissen is a medical doctor and researcher who is passionate about the development of health professionals and their organisations, optimising teamwork and leadership.

She was announced winner of the ASME Medical Education Travelling Fellowship in 2020 for her planned stay at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her stay was postponed to Fall 2022. She currently combines her work as resident with research in the health professions, integrating her knowledge and experiences from the workplace.

Follow her on X: @SNEMeeuwissen

Session presenter

Bob McKinley, ASME Mentor

RK (Bob) McKinley – Director of Career Groups, ASME

RK (Bob) McKinley is Professor of Education in General Practice at Keele University. While he has conducted clinical and health services research in the past, he now focuses on medical education research. His current research interests are the assessment and enhancement of skills, work place based assessment, delivery of undergraduate education in general practice, the transition from student to clinician and the drivers of career choices. His has supervised Masters of Medical Education, MD and PhD students from medicine and nursing. He has long been committed to developing capacity for research and scholarship in medical education through mentorship and supervision of individuals and supporting colleagues to develop their careers.

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