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Researching Medical Education 2024

November 14th 2024
Friend’s House, London

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Making it matter: meaningful and impactful research in health professions education

 Research should be meaningful and impactful, which can be interpreted broadly and across different stages of the research process. This includes ensuring robust and appropriate research approaches translate to meaningful and useful outcomes. It also means ensuring that research is relevant to stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, educators, patients and decision makers, as well as considering the value of the research to the researchers themselves. And it is about maximising the impact of research, through targeted dissemination and engagement with those who are in a position to utilise research findings and make changes to policy and practice.

“Volunteering for this conference is a fantastic opportunity to explore ideas in the scientific community surrounding different research styles as in the Keynote and start developing my own research acumen. Student perspective shines in the MedEd field where it does not elsewhere, and I am deeply interested in making a difference and sharing my knowledge with others.”

As a volunteer we would ask that you help to support the event team on the day, doing a variety of roles including (but not limited to) helping set up / break down, directing delegates and facilitating plenary Q&A sessions with roving mics. 
As a thank you we’ll give you access to our plenary sessions, catering throughout the event, a small travel bursary and volunteer t-shirt and certificate.

If you think you’d be perfect for the role then please email events@asme.org.uk before Friday 31st May telling us in no more than 250 words a little about yourself, why you think you would be a good fit and how you think this experience could benefit you.

The conference will run from 9am – 5pm on Thursday 14th November UK time. Please note that this is an in person event.

Registration for RME2024 will open shortly.

Friends House
173 Euston Road


  • There are excellent public transport links to reach the venue. Please click HERE to see how to get to the venue.
  • There is a safe cycle parking in Friends House courtyard for visitors and staff.

Geoff Wong


Dr Geoff Wong is Associate Professor of Primary Care in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford.

His research focuses on using realist research approaches to make sense of complex interventions, programmes or phenomena in health, education and social care (see the RAMESES Project website for more details on realist research approaches). He supervises DPhil (PhD) and MSc students using realist approaches and is a clinically active NHS GP.


Pim Teunissen

Portret PTeunissen2022

Pim Teunissen, MD, PhD, is a professor of workplace learning in healthcare at Maastricht University. He leads the Maastricht institute on health professions education research called the School of Health Professions Education (SHE) as its scientific director. He also works as a gynecologist specialized in maternal fetal medicine at Maastricht University Medical Center. Pim’s research focuses on how education supports learning from work in various contexts. He does this by connecting concepts and methodologies from different scientific disciplines to pertinent issues within health professions education. His scientific interests cover different aspects of learning and education in healthcare work environments, such as the impact of educational interventions on workplace education, transitions during the educational continuum towards independent practice and well-being of learners. His research activities span the continuum from medical students to new consultants in a variety of specialties and in allied health professional. He uses his clinical experience to inform his research and vice versa. For instance, he has led a revision of the Dutch national postgraduate curriculum for Obstetrics and Gynecology aiming to align it with research on workplace education and healthcare practice. Pim has published more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters related to workplace learning in healthcare. As a doctoral supervisor, he has contributed to the completion of 22 PhD’s.

Friends House is committed to sustainability. They want to reduce their impact on the environment while procuring goods and services in an ethical way. Friends House takes action to reduce carbon emissions, cut waste, choose local sourcing and preserve the ecosystem. If you wish to know more about Friends House sustainability policies and achievements, please click HERE.


Friends House use Fairtrade and locally produced seasonal ingredients in their menus where possible.

  • All packaging including bento boxes and lids are fully biodegradable, the same applies to any cutlery, napkins and disposable cups. The catering provider is a “Zero to Landfill” caterer and they ensure that all waste is recycled.
  • They operate a fleet of electric vans to reduce the impact on pollution in London.
  • All meats, fish and produce are sourced from small local suppliers in preference to large national distributors. Wherever possible they use organic ingredients and their minimum is a Red Tractor certification for all meats, MSC approval for all fish/seafood and vegetables sourced from farms in Essex & Kent.
  • They do occasionally use items out of season or from other countries to sustain the integrity of certain dishes but do ensure ethical sourcing including fair trade fruits, tea & coffee.

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