‘Reframing WP’: National Medical Schools Widening Participation Conference 2024

27th April 2024
Monica Patridge Building, University of Nottingham Campus

Reframing WP


Come to our 6th Annual Widening Participation Conference!

‘Reframing WP’: National Medical Schools’ Widening Participation Conference 2024

Where? Monica Partridge Building, University Of Nottingham Campus

  • Founded by the National Medical Schools’ Widening Participation Forum (NMS WP Forum)
  • Designed by the NMS WP Forum’s Student Subcommittee
  • Supported by the Medical Schools Council (MSC)


The National Medical Schools’ Widening Participation Student Working Group was created in 2017 to provide a collective student voice within the world of widening participation. This group is a subcommittee of the National Medical Schools’ WP Forum which is run by academics and clinicians from over 20 medical schools, assessment bodies and voluntary organisations in the United Kingdom. With the support of the national forum and the Medical Schools Council, the student group aids in new program developments, research opportunities and supports outreach activities within medical schools.

Learning objectives

1. Understand the existing barriers to widening participation in Medical School and visualize the importance of a diverse medical community in healthcare.
2. Learn about the current national widening participation strategies and the role of the National Medical Schools’ Widening Participation Forum.
3. Gain insight into the challenges and successes of the student-led initiatives designed to promote participation in medical education.
4. Discuss and critique current policies and practices related to widening participation, identifying areas of potential reform and development.
5. Develop and implement strategies for effecting change in their respective institutions to promote a more inclusive, diverse student body within Medical Schools.

Calendar of Events

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'Reframing WP': National Medical Schools Widening Participation Conference 2024
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