#MedEdForum Special – Has COVID-19 broken MedEd?

10th June 2020
to 10th June 2020
Virtual Event

ASME’s popular #MedEdForum discussions take on some of the most challenging & provocative issues affecting both postgraduate and undergraduate medical education. Now it’s time to talk about COVID-19, perhaps the most disruptive phenomenon to impact medical education in generations. We all have ideas about how MedEd may look in the post-COVID era, but as we consider how to rebuild, our community must ask itself some tough questions. What genuinely transformative events have occurred? Has COVID19 broken medical education? Finally, how can we put the pieces back together?
Join ASME on Twitter (@asmeofficial) and search for #MedEdForum to join the two specials in June, starting on Wednesday 10th June at 7pm, as we debate whether our specialty will ever be the same again

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