Mastering the Basics – online workshops

23rd May 2022
to 14th September 2022
Virtual Event

A hybrid program of webinars, workshops and a face to face event that will demystify, explain, explore and inspire the foundational educational research concepts and theories, aimed squarely at those with a passion for clinical education research. If you think ClinEdR might be for you, or if you’re a researcher and just aren’t sure what the next step are, this is what you need.
 Webinar 2, 23 May, 6:30pm to 7:30pm
How best to involve others into your research planning, process and production
Speakers: Prof Sophie Park (UCL) & Prof Steven Blackburn (RDS)
Chair: Dr Adedoyin Alao (Newcastle)
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Webinar 3, 26 May, 6pm to 7pm
Aligning research questions to methodologies
Speakers: Prof Thomas Gale (Plymouth) & Prof Karen Mattick (Exeter)
Chair: Dr Laura Lindsey (Newcastle)/ Mr Matt Byrne (Oxford)
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Webinar 4, 22 June, 6pm to 7pm
The nitty and the gritty: top tips for effective project management
Speakers: Prof Gabrielle Finn (Manchester) & Prof Paul Tiffin (York)
Chair: Dr Barry Quinn (Liverpool)
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Webinar 5, 14 September, 6pm to 7pm 
Routes to Impact. What do we mean by impact?
Speakers: Prof Catherine Exley (Newcastle)& Dr Mary Bryce (Plymouth)
Chair: Mr Simon Fleming (London)/Mr Phil Walmsley (Fife)
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In person event: 21st September 2022. For more information and to register please click HERE.

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