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How to get the best from your research supervisor

December 11th 2023

Have you ever thought that you could get more from your research supervisor? Or, if you are a supervisor, have you ever felt that your relationship with your students could be more productive?

In this ASME Bitesize session, we aim to facilitate conversations between participants and a panel of research supervisors and research students. The panel talk briefly about their experiences and then we facilitate a conversation between the panel and you, the participants. We want to hear your experiences and your questions. The panel will not have all the answers but we aim that we all will become more aware of the pitfalls in these relationships, how to navigate them and some tips which will help us all get the most for our mentoring relationships.

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Panel Members

Eliot Rees

Eliot Rees

Eliot is a NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in General Practice and PhD candidate at University College London and Lecturer in Medical Education at Keele University.

Michal Tombs

Dr. Michal Tombs

Dr Michal Tombs is a Reader and the Postgraduate Research Lead at the Centre for Medical Education, Cardiff University. She has supervised numerous research projects in medical education at postgraduate level and she teaches extensively on the taught masters programmes in Medical Education, with a particular expertise in Psychological Learning Theories and Educational Research Skills. Her background is Occupational Psychology and her research interests span across the various applications of psychological theories in medical education.

Michal also leads the School of Medicine Medical Education Research (SoMMER) group, the aim of which is to bring together students and staff who share an interest in medical education research and scholarship. She is also the Scholarship & Pedagogic Research Lead at the Hybrid Interactive Virtual Environment (HIVE) Unit at the School of Medicine.

University profile: https://profiles.cardiff.ac.uk/staff/tombsm2

Session Chair

Bob McKinley, ASME Mentor

RK (Bob) McKinley – Director of Career Groups, ASME

RK (Bob) McKinley is Professor of Education in General Practice at Keele University. While he has conducted clinical and health services research in the past, he now focuses on medical education research. His current research interests are the assessment and enhancement of skills, work place based assessment, delivery of undergraduate education in general practice, the transition from student to clinician and the drivers of career choices. His has supervised Masters of Medical Education, MD and PhD students from medicine and nursing. He has long been committed to developing capacity for research and scholarship in medical education through mentorship and supervision of individuals and supporting colleagues to develop their careers.

Email: director-careergroups@asme.org.uk 
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