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How to get the best from your mentor

November 23rd 2023 at 13:00 - 14:00

Have you ever thought that you could get more from your mentor? Or, if you are a mentor, have you ever felt that your relationship with your mentee could be more productive?

In this ASME Bitesize session, we aim to facilitate conversations between participants and a panel of two, each of whom have been a mentor and a mentee. The panel will talk briefly about their experiences and then we will facilitate a conversation between the panel and you, the participants. We want to hear your experiences and your questions. The panel will not have all the answers but we aim that we all will become more aware of the pitfalls in these relationships, how to navigate them and some tips which will help us all get the most for our mentoring relationships.

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Panel members

Megan Brown, ASME Director from the Membership

Megan Brown

Megan is a Senior Research Associate in Medical Education, within the School of Medicine at Newcastle University. Alongside her role as the Director of Social Media and Communications at ASME, she holds other national appointments including as Communications Workstream Co-lead for the Incubator for Clinical Education Research, and as vice-chair of the MedEd Collaborative. She has eleven years’ experience in social media management in the private sector.

Megan has a background in clinical medicine but has transitioned full-time to academia. Her research interests are varied and include workforce issues within the health and social care services, identity development, qualitative research methods, and the arts and humanities (particularly poetry and philosophy). She is multiply disabled, and brings this perspective and insight to her work, particularly research exploring the experiences of those who are underrepresented in medicine.

Email: director-socialmedia@asme.org.uk

Bob McKinley, ASME Mentor

RK (Bob) McKinley

RK (Bob) McKinley is Professor of Education in General Practice at Keele University. While he has conducted clinical and health services research in the past, he now focuses on medical education research. His current research interests are the assessment and enhancement of skills, work place based assessment, delivery of undergraduate education in general practice, the transition from student to clinician and the drivers of career choices. His has supervised Masters of Medical Education, MD and PhD students from medicine and nursing. He has long been committed to developing capacity for research and scholarship in medical education through mentorship and supervision of individuals and supporting colleagues to develop their careers.

Email: director-careergroups@asme.org.uk 
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Session Chair

Michael Page

Michael Page

Michael is Reader in Education at Barts and the London Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, where he is the co-lead for the MA in Education for Clinical Contexts and where he established the UK’s first-degree apprenticeship in Clinical Education. He has also recently served on the Trailblazer group for the pioneering Doctor Apprenticeship. Prior to joining QMUL, Mike was Associate Professor of Medical Education at UCL and, before that, Head of Education Programmes at the Royal College of Physicians, London, where he served on the RCP Senior Leadership Team.

Mike is an experienced teacher and programme developer who has designed and delivered postgraduate and CPD programmes in medical education and leadership throughout the UK and internationally, including Switzerland, Brunei, Iceland, Lebanon and Slovakia.   Mike’s research interests are broad, covering fitness to practise, regulation, identity formation, curriculum development and assessment. He is particularly interested in the professional development of Specialists and Specialty Doctors (aka SAS doctors).

Email: director-awards@asme.org.uk

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