Virtual Reality & Simulation in Healthcare Summit 2019

17th May 2019
Posted by Tyler Dimich



Virtual Reality & Simulation in Healthcare Summit 2019


Virtual Reality in healthcare has now been used to relieve pain, in surgical practice, for physical therapy, to reduce fear, anxiety and phobia and for cognitive rehabilitation. When combined with simulation Virtual Reality is increasingly being used for training and education; immersing clinicians in a realistic simulation of a procedure and practising the steps and techniques is now being seen as an effective and relatively low cost way of improving skills and educating clinicians.

This Virtual Reality and Simulation Summit focuses on the practical application of these techniques in everyday clinical practice, this is not a futuristic theory based event but includes practical case studies of how this technology is being used today to improve practice.

Benefits of attending
This conference will enable you to:

  • Network with colleagues who are working to implement Virtual Reality and Simulation in Healthcare
  • Understand the national context and potential
  • Learn from established practice case studies
  • Explore how virtual reality can be used in Surgery and the role of the Virtual Surgeon
  • Improve your understanding of how we can bring virtual reality and simulation together to improve training and education of clinicians
  • Reflect on case studies in various areas where virtual reality is being implemented in clinical and mental health practice
  • Learn about the clinical use of holograms
  • Ensure organizational support and understand the economic case for this technology
  • Self assess and reflect on your own practice
  • Gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence


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