6th Midlands Medical Education Conference

6th Midlands Medical  Education Conference

First student doctors from £21m Lincoln Medical School arriving in county  hospitals

The 6th Midlands Medical Education Conference is sponsored by ASME.

This is the first such event being held in the new medical school building, the Ross-Lucas Medical Sciences Building, on the campus of the University of Lincoln.

Whether you are attending in-person or virtually, in the morning you will be able to join the Keynote address, to be delivered by Dr Rakesh Patel of the University of Nottingham, followed by Showcase presentations from several of the medical schools in the East and West Midlands.

Over lunch there will be a poster viewing session, with posters also viewable online. The Workshop sessions in the afternoon will only be able to be accessed in-person, but we hope that this will encourage you to attend in-person rather than online.

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