Learning from student and supervisors experiences in transitioning beyond Covid

23 April 2021 - 23 April 2021
Learning from student and supervisors experiences in transitioning beyond Covid

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ASMEBITESIZE: Learning from student and supervisors experiences in transitioning beyond Covid

This session involved a discussion of what Postgraduate students and supervisors have learned in transitioning through and beyond Covid-19 impact. An international panel of doctoral students and supervisors provided an account of their individual experiences and how this has influenced their research journey.  It included national and international perspectives and experiences of those at different stages in their research journey.

The audience were invited to ask questions and share their own experiences. The panel offered insights and links to resources which have been of value to them in shaping their progress. The session was chaired by Dr Anne-Marie Reid, chair of the ASME Research Methodology Group (RMG). 

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Session resources:

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Session presenters:

Sarah Howarth, UK: Postgraduate student early in her PhD journey

Sarah Howarth photo

Sarah Howarth is a part-time PhD student at the Leeds Institute of Medical Education at the University of Leeds. She is in her first year and her aim is to explore physician associate experiences of post-qualification training. Alongside her PhD, she works on the MSc Physician Associate Studies programme coordinating and evaluating clinical placements. Sarah has previously worked as a Research Assistant in Applied Health so her interests are broad and include patient safety, interprofessional education and workforce development.

Aimee Charnell, UK: Postgraduate student midway through her PhD journey

Aimee Charnell photo

Aimee Charnell is a general surgical trainee and a PhD candidate in Medical Education within Leeds Institute of Medical Education.

Aimee’s PhD explores how surgeons learn in outpatient clinics, which has undergone many changes resulting from COVID-19.  This PhD project is partially funded by ASME and the Faculty of Surgical Trainers (Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons).  Her primary role in education is in OSCE development, acting as a chief examiner within the University of Leeds, an external examiner, and an OSCE faculty trainer.  She is also a member of The Faulty of Surgical Trainers.

Dr Rebecca O’Rourke: Postgraduate supervisor perspective UK

Rebecca ORourke photo

Rebecca O’Rourke is a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Institute of Medical Education at the University Leeds where she has been Postgraduate Research Studies Lead since 2014. She currently leads the Doctorate in Clinical Education programme and supervises students completing research dissertations at doctoral and masters level.  

Dr Komal Atta: Supervisor perspective International (Pakistan)

Komal Atta picture

Dr Komal Atta is Assistant Professor of Physiology, Senior Coordinator Department of Optometry and Assistant Director Health Professions Education at the University of Faisalabad, Pakistan. She is currently also pursuing her Master’s in Medical Education from the University of Lahore. Komal is an ardent researcher with many publications and awards under her belt, her research interests include curriculum development, professional identity formation and innovations in teaching and learning.

Session Chair: Dr Anne-Marie Reid, ASME RMG Special Interest Group Chair 

Anne Marie Reid