Dealing with Disappointment in Medical Education

21 January 2021 - 21 January 2021
Dealing with Disappointment in Medical Education

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ASMEBITESIZE: Dealing with Disappointment in Medical Education
Thursday 21st January 2021, 18:30 GMT 

How do we deal with disappointment in medical education? What happens when we don’t pass the big exam or get the big job? What support is there and how can we come back stronger?

Do we do enough to support students and trainees facing disappointment? What can we do and how can we do it better?

2020 brought challenges but also disappointment to so many students and trainees. Covid-19 has caused cancellation of courses, conferences and exams with changes in the structure of placements, job applications and interviews. Most students and doctors have career setbacks but there is little formal support, evidence or best practice for individuals or groups during these most challenging times.

This session was run by Dr Luke Forster, Dr Hussain Basheer and Dr Emma Pascall with ASME host, Dr Shirley Rigby (MEDISS Co-Chair). They discussed their own positive and negative experiences when facing medical and personal challenges and explored the literature to look how its best to 'bounce back'. During the session they explored the role of the supervisor and ended with how to plan towards a more successful future and coming back stronger.

The group recorded a podcast before the session: 


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Mr Luke Forster

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Luke is a final year Urology trainee with interests in Medical Education and Health Psychology. He is the past-Chairman of the BAUS Section of Urology Trainees. Following his own negative experience he designed and ran the ‘Bouncing back’ course 2018-2020 for trainees unsuccessful in Urology ST3 applications and founded The Urology Foundation Warrior programme- a mentoring and support programme for trainees while fundraising for charity.

Dr Hussain Basheer

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Dr Sainy is a Medical/Respiratory Registrar and RCP Education fellow 2017-19.

Dr Emma Pascall

Emma Pascall Photo

Emma is a Paediatric Cardiology Trainee in London. She is passionate about teaching and mentoring students and trainees having overcome various challenges in her career. She has benefitted from supportive mentors when facing disappointment to recover and get her dream job.

ASME Host: Dr Shirley Rigby

Shirley Rigby Photo

Dr Shirley Rigby is an Associate Clinical Professor at Warwick Medical School, leading the team for student support. She is also a NHS consultant working in Rheumatology and General Internal Medicine. She has an interest in supporting students and the financial strains experienced by graduate entry medics. She is the co-chair of the ASME Special Interest Group, MEDISS (Medical Educators involved in Student Support).