Representation In Medicine

25 November 2020 - 25 November 2020
Representation In Medicine

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ASMEBITESIZE: Representation In Medicine
Wednesday 25th November 2020, 18:00 GMT 

This session was run by Lydie Kitenge & Hazal Turunc from Journey2Med and hosted by Ed Whittaker (JASME co-chair). They discussed the importance of representation within medical education and in the medical school environment.

They touched on the impact that imposter syndrome can have and also factors such as socioeconomic factors - both which play a role in inhibiting diversity and equality amongst aspiring medics.

Students can often feel alienated from content being taught at medical school. For example, there is a lack of representation of different clinical signs on darker skin amongst medical textbooks and lectures. Lydie and Hazal want to ensure students do not feel this way and that a student’s background does not diminish their medical school experience.

Through Journey2Med they want to raise awareness on a topic that has frequently been deemed as ‘uncomfortable’ and so often ignored. Their goal is to diversify and encourage members from different demographics to apply to medicine, regardless of their background.

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Together Lydie & Hazal run Journey2Med



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Lydie Kitenge 

Lydie Kitenge Photo

Lydie Kitenge is a Content Creator, British Holistic Medical Association Student Ambassador, Widening Participation Officer and a Medical Student.

Lydie is the co-founder of Journey2Med, which provides advice and support on the medical application process, aided by her own experiences, as well as general revision tips. This can be used to help any student regardless of their aspired profession. Her passion lies in helping the youth understand the significance of education and encouraging young people from all backgrounds to go beyond any socioeconomic, emotional and mental barriers that may inhibit them from reaching their full potential. She desires to influence the youth to invest in their education and appreciate it. She strongly believes that someone's external or internal environment should never be an inhibiting factor in their success.

Lydie has been involved in using her platform to provide a free biology clinic to A level Biology students so that they can gain tailored help on topics they’re struggling with. She has also been involved in organising a Virtual Science Fair which provides aspiring medics with work experience and an opportunity to gain essential skills while showcasing their scientific interest in the form of a presentation to a panel of medical students.

Always striving to do more, be more and achieve more, Lydie strives to be a leader that will positively influence those around her. She also hopes to be a role model and a representation for other ethnic minorities that may restrict themselves from pursuing certain opportunities as they feel as though they don’t belong.

Lydie personifies determination, hard work and ambition. 

Hazal Turunc

Hazal Turunc Photo

Hazal Turunc is a first year medical student who is a content creator, and is passionate about education and widening access into medicine.

Hazal is the Co-Founder of Journey2Med, an organisation set out to aid all students through content that explains the medical application process, but also provides general study advice, provided on YouTube and Instagram. Through this company, Hazal has been able to help and support countless students, providing them with whatever they need, no matter how big or small it may be. Alongside this, Hazal has also worked with many companies including SnapRevise, Kenhub and Medify, yet again providing students with advice to better their performance.

Using the platform created by Journey2Med, Hazal works continuously to provide non-stop advice and content to students. She has organised and ran a Virtual Science Fair, to allow students to present their area of scientific interest to a panel of medical students, to allow them to work on their communication and presentation skills. She also organises and participates in a variety of livestreams, sometimes joined by other students or doctors, to provide students with a variety of information.

Through her experiences, Hazal has learnt how difficult it can be for some to pursue higher education, and is therefore determined to ensure all students reach their full potential, no matter their race, gender, or socioeconomic background. Hazal values education and knows how vital it can be for someone’s future, so does her best to share her knowledge and make others aware too.

Both a natural leader and a vital team member, Hazal is determined and dedicated to work hard to achieve her goals. Hazal always aims high and her ambition is to help as many people as she can, through Journey2Med, but also in her future career as a doctor.

Ed Whittaker

Ed Whittaker JASME

Ed is the JASME Co-Chair is a 5th year medical student in Edinburgh and will host this ASMEBITESIZE session