Patient Narratives in Undergraduate Clinical Education - Continuing the Discussion

9 September 2020 - 9 September 2020
Patient Narratives in Undergraduate Clinical Education - Continuing the Discussion

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ASMEBITESIZE: Patient Narratives in Undergraduate Clinical Education - Continuing the Discussion
Wednesday 9th September 2020, 11:45am

For this session Sir John Ellis Student Prize winner Dr Selina Robertson (Wirral University Teaching Hospital) returned for a follow up discussion to continue the enthralling debate sparked by Selina's work on patient narratives in undergraduate clinical education. She was joined Dr Jayne Garner (Edge Hill University) and Dr Roshni Beeharry (QMUL & GKT Medical School) to chat with Ryan Devlin (JASME Co-Chair).

They explored patient narratives, their limitations, and their potential. When do patient narratives disempower the patients' voice, rather than empower them? What is the perfect narrative to tell - and can a story equally benefit the patient, care-giver and student? Should narrative storytelling replace standard reflections? With an expert panel, and the audience, they explored these questions and more. 

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Selina Robertson

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An FY1 at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, Selina studied medicine at Liverpool through the foundation degree programme. Prior to this she did degrees at Nottingham and Cambridge.

Her interest in MedEd came through approaching medicine from a background in teaching languages, having previously studied literature and anthropology. It seemed natural to Selina that the starting point for the most important lessons would come from conversations with patients. This lead her to explore patient narratives and was the foundation of her submission. 

Dr Jayne Garner

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Jayne is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Education at Edge Hill University. She leads the Widening Access to Medicine (WAM) programme and manages the Medical School Student Support system. She was awarded her PhD in Medical Education by the University of Liverpool and has extensive experience of teaching and research, particularly relating to leadership, professional behaviour and student wellbeing.

Dr Roshni Beeharry

Roshni Beeharry Photo

Roshni is a London-based Medical Educator, Ex-NHS Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, writer and Creative Writing For Wellbeing Facilitator. Her interests include Medical Humanities and Arts in Health, particularly the potential roles of using creative writing for healthcare profession as and with patients; reflective practice; interprofessional education and professional identity formation. Roshni is a sessional clinical and communications skills tutor at QMUL and GKT Medical School, PBL tutor at Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick and PPD tutor 2020/21 at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, where she runs her SSC 'Creative Writing for Professional & Personal Development'.