An ASME Bitesize Guide to Social Media - a podcast series

29 January 2021 - 29 January 2021
An ASME Bitesize Guide to Social Media - a podcast series

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An ASME Bitesize Guide to Social Media - a podcast series

Whether you feel flummoxed by Facebook or are a member of the Twitterati, it's hard to avoid social media. SoMe platforms have been woven through our personal and professional lives through popularity and innovation. But how can you best use SoMe for medical education?

Join ASME's social media team as we walk you through this often exciting, frequently perplexing and occasionally dangerous phenomenon. This three-episode podcast special will move through 'Beginner', 'Intermediate' and 'Expert' stages of social media use, so that you may learn something new no matter your level of experience.

The episodes will feature Dr Jonny Guckian, Director of Social Media & Communications, Mr Simon Fleming, Social Media Editor of Medical Education & The Clinical Teacher and Aqua Asif and Ollie Burton, two of ASME's social media interns.
Throughout the series you should learn the basics of getting started on social media, how to make the most of SoMe at events, understanding some educational theory which informs SoMe learning and how to build an educational 'brand' on social media.

In episode 1, Jonny, Simon and Aqua discuss the what and why of social media. How has SoMe come to dominate our personal and professional lives, and what makes it so popular? Is the culture of social media beneficial or dangerous for medical education? Click on the button below to access episode 1...

Podcast 1 

Now available to listen to: Episode 2, where Jonny & co explore how to make the most of social media in medical education with top tips for tutorials, metrics and advice on how to stand out at a conference even when you're not there! 

Podcast 2

 Episode 3 will be available soon - watch this space for more details!