Patient Narratives in Undergraduate Clinical Education

17 July 2020 - 17 July 2020
Patient Narratives in Undergraduate Clinical Education

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Patient Narratives in Undergraduate Clinical Education - Webinar with Selina Robertson - Sir John Ellis Prize Winner
Friday 17th July, 12 Noon

During this session Sir John Ellis prize winner Selina Robertson talked to Ryan Devlin (JASME Co-Chair) about her award winning study of patient narratives in undergraduate clinical education at the University of Liverpool. 

Selina presented her work, before engaging in a discussion on our use of patient narratives in education and patient involvement in MedEd in general. How far should we go? Should there be a formal structure to how patient narratives are told? When do patient narratives disempower the patients' voice, rather than empower them? Selina and Ryan explored these questions, Selina's experience with engaging with MedEd, and more. 

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Selina Robertson (@selinachristy)

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Selina is currently an interim F1 during COVID, about to start F1 at Wirral University Teaching Hospital. She studied medicine at Liverpool through the foundation degree programme. Prior to this she did degrees at Nottingham and Cambridge.

Selina's interest in MedEd came through approaching medicine from a background in teaching languages, having previously studied literature and anthropology. It seemed natural to her that the starting point for the most important lessons would come from conversations with patients. This led Selina to explore patient narratives and was the foundation of her submission.