Research Methodology Group Meeting 2020

6th March - 6th March 2020
Posted by Leigh Morrish

Join the RMG Special Interest Group for their first event in partnership with the Leeds Clinical Education Network...

Friday 6th March 2020, 10:00-15:30

University House, University of Leeds 

What makes for effective supervision in supporting students at different levels with developing their Methodological approach?

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N.B. This event is free to attend if you are a member of ASME (indivdual or institutional) or the Leeds Clinical Education Network. You will be charged a nominal fee to attend if you are not a member of either.

So you may register for free you can join ASME now and email: [email protected] for details of the Leeds Clinical Education Network

Intended outcomes:

  1. To explore the experiences of students at different levels of research in developing understanding of research methodology
  2. To explore the experiences of supervisors in supporting students at different levels in understanding research methodology.
  3. To identify which resources are most effective in supporting understanding of methodology at different levels

Timings and Programme below: 

Time Programme
10:00 Arrival & Coffee
10:30  Introductions and welcome


Students and supervisors in separate groups to explore their experiences of developing understanding of research methodologies/supervising others. Examples of common challenges from the discussion will be collated by the facilitator of the group.


Short Presentations

(5 mins each) - one student and one supervisor gives an example of challenges form their perspective

12:00 Lunch

World Cafe

4 tables of mixed groups of students at different stages of research and supervisors

Each group has a previously identified challenge to discuss

  • What makes this a challenge?
  • Have you had any similar experience?
  • What helped to address the challenge?

Two groups will deal with challenges from a student perspective and two from a supervisor perspective. Bullet points from the group will be collated on a flipchart/postit notes and on padlet.

Groups will rotate around the 4 tables and subsequent groups will review previous contributions and add to them.  Facilitators will compile a list of resources appropriate for students at different levels as identified by the group.

14:10 Feedback from each table

Summary and plans for next steps

The outcomes of the discussion will be made available on padlet together with the range of resources appropriate for students at different levels of research. 

 N.B. A travel bursary is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students who are not registered at The University of Leeds. Please be sure to opt in for further information on the registration form and this will to be sent to you - up to £50.00 will be made available per student for travel expenses

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