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Designing Systems of Assessment for Health Professional Educators

June 21st 2024
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

For leaders and directors of medical and health professions education programmes, it is important to understand how their assessments for the programme as a whole meet criteria for good systems of assessment, including the perspectives of various stakeholders.

The framework outlined in the 2018 Consensus Framework for Good Assessment (Medical Teacher, 2018) provides guidance to educators but it leave the challenge of applying this in practice, in a particular local/national context.

This workshop is suitable for healthcare educators who are looking to implement or review assessment in their institution, and especially for theoretical underpinnings for designing a comprehensive system of assessment.

The workshop will be delivered in person, with interactive presentations and small group work.

Morning Sessions

  • Moving from single assessments to systems: reflecting developments in medical education pedagogy and practice
  • Review of the Consensus Framework for Good Assessment  (Norcini, J. et al. 2018 Medical Teacher, 40(11);1102-1109)
  • Exploring practical applications of assessment system analyses

Afternoon Sessions

  • Practical steps for designing a system of assessment
  • Planning strategies to address criteria for good systems of assessment
  • Wrap-up: comments, Q & A

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