Webinar: Preparation for Practice – Learning through Longitudinal Experiences

3rd May 2022
to 3rd May 2022
Virtual Event

Webinar: Preparation for Practice – Learning through Longitudinal Experiences Dr Ravi Parekh and Dr Megan Brown, Medical Education Innovation and Research Centre (MEdIC), Imperial College London
Tuesday 3rd May, 6-7pm UK time via Microsoft Teams
JASME’s Local Representatives in collaboration with the Medical Education Innovation and Research Centre (MEdIC), Imperial College London present this fascinating workshop aimed at students and professionals in clinical fields to be held online on Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 6-7pm UK time. In this online workshop, Dr Ravi Parekh and Dr Megan Brown plan to explore the rationale for longitudinal learning and the connections between longitudinal learning and preparedness for practice. Students and trainees will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences of shorter and longer clinical placements, including the associated benefits and challenges of each, and consider how they might influence change within their own educational contexts. We will also signpost to a review of the literature in this area.
Dr Ravi Parekh is the Deputy Director of MEdIC, a newly formed Medical Education Innovation & Research Centre (MEdIC) founded in 2019. This centre is unique in bringing together community, education, and workforce needs into medical education innovations and research that have a positive and sustainable impact on our society. Dr Parekh has a particular interest in students’ preparation for practice and leads this theme within MEdIC, working on longitudinal pilot courses within the curriculum, as well as leading and supervising projects within this theme.
Dr Megan Brown is a Teaching Fellow in Medical Education Research with MEdIC. She completed her PhD in Medical Education in 2022 on the impact of longitudinal clinical placements internationally.
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