UniLearn MedEd – Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)

10th May 2024
to 30th June 2024

TEL poster A4 v.2


UniLearn MedEd has launched a new course on Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) for seven modules with a valuable contribution of international experts, mainly from the University of Dundee (UK), including:

  • Susie Scofield
  • Cate Kennedy
  • Linda Jones
  • Mandy Moffat
  • Mohamed Al-Eraky
  • Jordan Napier
  • Qabirul Abdullah
  • Hesham Marei
  • Ahsan Sethi
  • Komal Atta

Please upload the attached poster with this (new) announcement:


Date: March – June 2024 

Virtual event (100% online). 

Link to info. & registration:


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