TASME Spring Conference 2021

14th May 2021
to 14th May 2021
Virtual Event



10 Years of TASME: ‘TASME’s Travel Through Time’
Join us this year to celebrate TASME’s 10th birthday. We will be looking back over TASME’s 10 years and planning for the future of Medical Education. TASME’s Annual Conference brings together Doctors in training and Allied Healthcare professionals 
A virtual Conference hosted by    
The TASME Annual Spring Conference is a one-day event aimed at Doctors in training and Allied Healthcare Professionals with an interest in medical education. This year, we are hosting TASME’s 10th birthday! Join us in celebrating TASME’s 10 years and help us plan for the future of Medical Education, in “TASME’s Travel Through Time”.Be inspired by prominent keynote speakers and interactive workshops, engage in new innovations in medical education and learn how you can develop your own MedEd journey. The conference is for trainees and early career professionals across all aspects of healthcare (it’s not just for doctors!) and open to any level of experience in medical education.Importantly, there will be ample opportunity to present your medical education work at this national conference. To do so, submit an abstract for oral presentations, virtual posters or a workshop. TASME conferences also provide a networking opportunity. While in the virtual world we recognise this remains different from a chat over coffee and posters, we hope to enable you to meet like-minded individuals and share ideas through our conference platform.Following the success of previous year’s workshop submissions – we are again offering an opportunity to submit a proposal to run a 40 minute virtual workshop at the conference. For information on abstract submissions for workshops, poster and oral presentation abstracts, see below. ** Abstract submission now closed **  For any queries please contact us on tasme-conference@asme.org.uk. If you would like to find out more information about TASME or becoming a TASME member please go to: www.asme.org.uk/tasmeFollow us on Twitter @tasme_uk{tab When and Where}
This year the TASME 2021 Spring Conference will be held VIRTUALLY hosted by MedALL on Saturday 15th May 2021 9am – 430pm. Content will remain available for delegates for 1 month after this if you are unable to attend on the day.
{tab Conference Timetable}
Times are BST / GMT+1

09.00  – 09.30

09:30 – 09:45
Introductions from TASME & ASME

09:45 – 10:15
Plenary Speaker – Emma Vaux – Never too Busy to Learn

10.15 – 10.55
Workshop 1 (parallel session)

11.00 – 11.15
Morning Break

11.15 – 12.00
MedEd Journey with Q&A panel

12.00 – 12.30
Virtual Poster Hall – Presentation / Judging

12.30 – 13.00

13.00 – 13.45
Prestigious Oral Presentations

13.45 – 14.15
Plenary Speaker – Louise Dubras – Undergraduate medical education: Sailing oceans of possibility to distant shores. 

14.20 – 15.00
Workshop 2 (parallel session)

15.00 – 15.15
Coffee break

15.15 – 15.45
Plenary Speaker – Eric Holmboe – Coproducing desired outcomes. Learners as partners in improving healthcare and medical education. 

15.45 – 16.05
JASME TIE Award Winner Presentation

16.05 – 16.20
Final Remarks and Prize Presentation

{tab Workshops}

Morning workshops
Workshop 1: How to Educate ‘Out of Hours’
Workshop lead: Dr Amie Burbridge
Description: This workshop will discuss the methods and merits of Out of Hours education, including the role of podcasts in education.
Workshop 2: Cancelled
Workshop 3: Living it up on Teams – delivering great online teaching
Lead: Dr Sally Sadasivam
Description: This workshop will consider the positives and negatives of online teaching, identify tools to facilitate quality online teaching, and handle challenges when facing online teaching.
Workshop 4: Disability Accessibility in Med Ed 101 (JASME)
Leads: Julia Alsop, Abbie Tutt, Ryan Devlin
Description: This workshop will explore challenges faced by doctors and medical students about having long term health conditions and disabilities and barriers faced. It will consider the legal, moral, and professional obligations towards making reasonable adjustments. It will consider how this translates into practice, and identify possible solutions to challenges. 
Workshop 5: Promoting Wellbeing & Resilience: Experiences from a Workshop for Doctors in Training
Leads: Dr Rachel Henery, Dr Kenneth Ruddock, Dr Catriona Neil Description: Stress and burn out are major problems, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This workshop will consider the impact of these issues on healthcare professionals and the healthcare service. It will tackle the impact of mistakes and errors, as well as the techniques used to nurture resilience, enhance wellbeing and make the most out of reflective practice.
Workshop 6: Educating for a Net Zero NHS
Leads: Dr Sarah Peters, Dr Kathleen Leedham-Green, Ms Philippa Clery
Description: We face a crisis which threatens the ecosystems upon which human health and wellbeing rely. This workshop will discuss the challenges and concerns relating to healthcare worker’s roles in planetary health, and challenges for teaching sustainable healthcare, and will begin to explore strategies for teaching Sustainable Healthcare through Quality Improvement (SusQI)
Suggested pre-reading:

Tun MS. Fulfilling a new obligation: Teaching and learning of sustainable healthcare in the medical education curriculum. Med Teach. 2019 Oct;41(10):1168-1177. doi: 10.1080/0142159X.2019.1623870. Epub 2019 Jun 25. PMID: 31237167.
E. Shaw et al., (2021) AMEE Consensus Statement: Planetary health and education for sustainable healthcare, Medical Teacher, DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2020.1860207

Workshop 7: How to design and implement an international online study day for medical students – the Paediatric experience
Leads: Dr Harry Rhodes, Dr Sarah Milner
Description: Drawing from experience, this workshop gives practical tips and a ‘how to’ guide to developing online international study. It will consider the role of a leading team, planning, promotion, choice of technology, application of knowledge and much more.
Workshop 8: Clinical Teaching Problems: Pop-up Solutions (TASME)
Leads: Dr Katy Stevenson, Dr Rob Cullum
Description: This workshop provides a space to share teaching problems and to develop creative solutions from the Hive Mind. Ideas will be welcomed by emailing tasme-conference@asme.org.uk, or on twitter/Instagram @tasme_uk.
Workshop 9: Inclusivity in the Curriculum (ASME Educator Development Committee)
Leads: Dr Jo Horsburgh, Dr Catherine Bennett
Description: This workshop will provide delegates with the opportunity to explore inclusive teaching, reflect on current practice and consider whether and how this could be more inclusive. It will consider current policy as well as allowing delegates to discuss their personal experiences.
Workshop 10: Mentoring Masterclass (Healthcare Leadership Academy)
Leads: Dr Carol Chan, Dr Riddhi Shenoy
Description: This interactive workshop will give an opportunity to delegates to share best practices of effective mentorship, consider types of mentorship, gain resources to enhance their mentoring experiences and have a better understanding about mentorship overall.
Afternoon workshops
Workshop 1: The ASME Mentorship Programme: what is it and who is it for? (ASME)
Leads: Prof Robert McKinley, Dr Daniel Darbyshire
Prof Bob McKinley is the ASME Director of Career Groups. In this workshop, join Prof McKinley to discuss the concept of mentorship, with a particular focus on the importance of mentorship to trainees in medical education. This workshop will highlight the ongoing work of the ASME Mentorship Development Group.
Workshop 2: Professional Communication Skills (ProfComS): Design you own session!
Leads: Dr Lisa-Jayne Edwards, Dr Theodore Criswell
Description: This interactive workshop will delve into the importance of professional communication skills at an undergraduate level. It will give delegates the opportunity to identify a range of communication challenges. Delegates will collaborate to develop their own teaching session to aid student development of communication skills.
Workshop 3: Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Workshop: A Toolkit for your teaching needs
Lead: Dr Amy Prideaux
Description: This workshop will showcase and allow delegates to experience the diversity technology enhanced learning has to offer. Interactive activities will provide inspiration and guidance on how TEL can be utilised to maximum effect.
Workshop 4: Experience Based Learning: Clinical Teaching for the 21st Century
Leads: Helen Monaghan, Emma McCann, Rachel Philpott
Description: How do you help a medical student learn on placement? This workshop will help develop understanding of Experienced Based learning, as well as develop practical solutions for applying experienced based learning in daily work.
Workshop 5: ‘Queering’ the Medical Curriculum: How Medical Educators can create a safe space to challenge preconceptions and discuss health inequalities faced by LGBT individuals
Leads: Dr Hamish Patel, Dr Ealish Swift, Dr Samuel Gregson
Description: This workshop will consider the health inequalities experienced by LGBTQ+ people and the importance of topic inclusivity across curricula. Simulated scenarios will explore and promote discussion around common communication challenges faced LGBTQ+ people. The workshop will be a safe space of discussion and aims to consider how teaching sessions can be more inclusive. 
Workshop 6: Clinical Teaching Problems: Pop-up Peer Solutions (TASME)
Leads: Dr Katy Stevenson, Dr Cleone Pardoe
Description: This workshop provides a space to share teaching problems and to develop creative solutions from the Hive Mind. Ideas will be welcomed by emailing tasme-conference@asme.org.uk, or on twitter/Instagram @tasme_uk
Workshop 7: Making Social Media Work for your learning and your Career in 2021
Leads: Dr Sarah Edwards
Description: This workshop will help delegates understand where free online open access medical education #FOAMed and Social Media medical Education (SoME) fits into medical education, and how social media can be used as a learning resource for you and your students. It will consider professionalism and safety on social media, as well as how social media can be used for your career.
Workshop 8: An Introduction to Mindfulness in Medical Training – with MiME
Leads: Dr Naomi Mawhood
Description: Join the ASME Mindfullness in Medical Education to begin your journey in understanding the role of mindfulness within medical education. There will also be the opportunity to partake in a guided meditation session.
Workshop 9: Getting started in Medical Education Research (ASME ERC)
Leads: Associate Prof Anne-Marie Reid
Description: Getting started in medical education research can be daunting. In this workshop, led by the ASME Education Research Committee, participants will explore what makes good education research and how to get started on education research themselves.
Workshop 10: You Know How: Re-Personalising the Virtual Environment (JASME)
Leads: Ryan Devlin, Dr Rosie Patterson, Ed Whittaker
Description: Join the Juniors in the Association for the Study of Medical Education (JASME) in uncovering the challenges of virtual education that are yet to be solved. Consider the theory grounding virtual education, cognitive science and problem solving. The workshop will encourage collaborative working to develop diverse solutions. 

To download a PDF of the workshops overview please click HERE
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Anyone working or studying at an institutional member of ASME can attend at the member rate. A list of all ASME institutional members can be found HEREWe regret that we are unable to offer any refunds.
{tab Misc Conference information}
We will be publicising this event live on social media, if you wish not to be in any virtual photographs or videos please email tasme-conference@asme.org.uk in advance.
An online feedback form will be distributed after the event. This must be filled in for you to receive your certificate of attendance.
This will be made available via PDF published online and will feature all accepted conference abstracts that were presented on the day.IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT…It’s a massive shame if anybody can’t make it, but we will make all content of the event available to delegates (paid attendees) for 1 month to be able to catch up. We regret that we are unable to offer any refunds.
The conference title TASME’s (Trainees in the Association of Medical Education) 10 Years of TASME: ‘Travel Through Time’ is a medical education conference aimed at trainee doctors and allied healthcare professionals to support you in developing as a clinical teacher. This objective falls within most training curriculums and you should be able to request a study budget to fund this.This is a not for profit event, we have kept costs low but need to cover the online platform cost. However, as part of our aim to support widening participation and accessibility, we will consider applications for funded places on an individual basis.
We hope to see you at the TASME 2021 Conference!

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